Republicans in Disarray

Jane Hamsher asks the one million dollar (which, at the rate we’re going, may buy you a gallon of milk in a couple of weeks) question; if McCain can’t even lead his own party, how can he lead the nation?

I don’t think for one second that America is buying the cognitive dissonance induced blame game the McCain campaign is playing, attempting to paint Obama as the cause of all of our economic woes.  Unlike McCain, Obama resisted the urge to let presidential politics enter the arena of the Bailout Bill debate, and unlike McCain’s party, Obama’s party voted by two thirds for the plan.

It wasn’t a good plan, but right now few people actually think there are any good plans.

Instead, McCain said he was suspending his campaign to save the economy, he returned to Washington, and everything subsequently fell apart.  This could be salvaged, politically, had the failure in the house not also resulted in a failure on Wall Street to the tune of a 777 point nose dive, putting the economy at even greater risk.

Now, in the aftermath, McCain is running around, not just blaming Obama, but trying to rescue the “rescue” package while at the same time his own party is running ads that cut accross his core message.

This is flailing at its most spectacular, and I would be amused if it weren’t for the fact that, well, this whole economic mess just keeps getting scarier and scarier, and believe me, the scarier it gets, the worse it is likely to end up for the GOP.

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  1. GKJ says:

    This was a joke from both sides. The Democrats who didn’t vote for the bill (95) are all worried about their reelections and the Republicans who voted no (133) are in the same boat. They don’t want to have the Democrats pointing fingers at them about voting for the bailout during their election run. To blame this on McCain makes about as much sense as blaming it on Obama. This was a Democratic laden bill that the Republicans had to pull billions out of that was earmarked for ACORN! A bailout bill that has earmarks??? Barney Frank had 12 people on his finance committe that voted no! Good job, Barney. Blame that on McCain and the Republicans too. Remember, Barney, it was you and your committee that voted down the extra oversight for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2003 when you saw “nothing wrong” with them.
    By the way, I don’t see our wonderful Obama rallying all those Democrats to vote yes. 95 of the are still doing their collective CYA. Where is the mighty leader of men and the person who can cross party line to get things resolved? Where is he?
    Also 60% does not constitute 2/3.


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