Serial Flip-Flopper

The McCain/Palin ticket often times feels so buoyed by bullshit that you can’t help but get this feeling that at some point everything is just going to implode in on itself.  That there is simply no way in the world bullshit can stand as a firm foundation for too long before it just collapses into a pile of very stinky mush.

Consider if you will the John McCain appearance on The View.  Tremayne over at OpenLeft has an itemized list of the epic fails that McCain committed, not to be limited to getting booed over his view on Roe v Wade (what would you expect?  You go to a show hosted by women, whose target audience is women, and then you come out against Roe v Wade?  I thought McCain was trying to win the female vote, not piss it off).

But the one that warrants the most focus would have to be this portion (h/t Think Progress):

I’ve been through this litany before, where I say, “ok, what specific area have I quote changed?” Nobody can name it. … I am the same person and I have the same principles.

I’m not exactly sure if this constitutes an outright lie, hold on a sec…

(jaunty muzak plays in the background)

…Okay, I’ve consulted with our judges, and yes, this does count as a lie, though perhaps not a big old fat whopper.  The part that puts this firmly in the lie category is his insistence that, “I am the same person and I have the same principles.”

We, that is myself and the afore mentioned judges, considered the clause that preceded that statement, where “Nobody can name it,” and we decided that this is more of a challenge.  It is feasible that John McCain is unaware of anybody being capable of naming where he may have flip-flopped or walked back from one of his guiding principles.  Thus, due to the ambiguity of the assertion, we decided to let it pass.

But the assertion that he has the same principles falls flat on its face because either A) He has seriously changed his principles over the course of the past two years since he decided to start running for president, or B) He does still hold the same principles, but those principles aren’t very important to them because he has had no problems acting in direct opposition of those principles in order to get elected.

In the case of point B), this points to a decided weakness of held principles which arguably makes them not principles at all, but instead cynical political positioning and nothing more.

Of course John McCain flip-flopped, and for a full and complete list the best place to go would have to be Steve Benen’s old haunt at the Carpetbagger Report where he outlines a full 76 flip-flops on McCain’s behalf.

Now, as anyone here knows, of these 76, there are two that are of the most concern for me personally.  The first deals with John McCain’s stance on torture.  The man who once held a principled and honorable stance that the US does not commit torture eventually voted AGAINST legislation that would hold the CIA to this standard, and then supported George W. Bush’s veto of said legislation.

The second has to deal with McCain’s approach to the religious right.  He once declared them “agents of intolerance,” but then, just in time to run in 2008, he got really buddy buddy with those very same agents of intolerance, ultimately ending by selecting a running mate who seems all but hand picked by the religious right.

By making that statement on the View, John McCain practically begged us to call him on his bullshit, and, well, though we in the chattersphere are all too eager to take him up on his challenge, it sure would be nice if, you know, someone on the teevees would kindly call him out on yet another silly lie.

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