Serial Liars

So here’s the reason why the whole “Bridge to Nowhere” flap is a big deal; it’s an outright lie.  LIE.  Not a big word, so say it with me; the Bridge to Nowhere narrative pushed by the McPalin campaign is one gigantic LIE.

It’s a lie because part of McCain’s narrative is that he hates pork barrel spending.  In order to embue his new running mate with anti-pork street creds, they hammer her opposition to the Bridge to Nowhere over and over again.  Indeed, Justin Gardner has a new McCain ad where they hit it again.

He’s bewildered and so am I.  Why would one continue to sell this lie when it is so readily debunked if for no other reason than an utter contempt for the voter; a disbelief that they will go through even the most cursory of fact checking.

Because, you see, McCain has said multiple times, including on Thursday night, that he will be ruthless in going after pork barrel spending; going so far as to say he will “make them famous.”

Apparently his way of making them famous is by selecting them as running mate.

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  1. Ace Armstrong says:

    They probably figure that the Democrats are not going to keep on it. It’s apparent that McSame and the elephant boys are going to continue to lie to the public as long as the MSM allows them.
    Already the pregnancy of her daughter has deflect any questioning of Sarah McSchrill’s judgement in taking a 12 hour plane trip followed by an hour in the car just to get back to Wasilla to have her baby. Having been at the births of my four children, it sure seems like extremely unusual behavior. When a women’s water breaks there’s no telling how long before the birth.
    The Repugs are playing the MSM like a well turned fiddle.

  2. REva says:

    I agree that the Republicans have no respect for voters — however, too much of the electorate isn’t thinking clearly, either — they’re totally blocking out Palin’s lack of experience and lying, because they think she’s charming and she’s a mom — like them! Forget about her lies and hypocrisy — pro-life except for animals, then you can shoot them from planes or wherever. In fact, you can use millions of dollars needed for education in Alaska to promote aerial hunting. Oh, and don’t forget how “ethical” she is, and cooperative in investigations, except when they get moved up and she tries to silence them and has her lawyer threaten the prosecutor. The woman also proved today she doesn’t know what a Fannie Mae is, let alone her total lack of foreign policy experience.

    And one more thing: they may not like McCain, but he’s white. Anything but a black man, which no one wants to publicly talk about.

    Anyone who could possibly think that the answer to 8 years of the Bush Administration is more of the same is refusing to think. We all have a wonderful opportunity now to install a decent administration and start to repair the damage of the Bush Administration, and I’m very afraid we’re going to blow it.

  3. radical_Moderate says:

    They lie because they know if they repeat it enough times your average low information voter will believe it. Just like the lie they keep telling about middle-class Americans getting a tax increase under Obama…it is an out and out LIE. In fact, 60% of Americans will see a significant decrease in their taxes, while, yet again, McCain’s plan gives almost all of the tax advantages to the top 3% of wage earners.

    Chris Matthews had some Repug mouthpiece on this afternoon and questioned the guy on Palin’s record, and extremist beliefs, to his credit, Matthews slaughtered the guy who couldn’t defend Palin’s stance on abortion even in the case of rape and incest, or her belief on creationism, etc. (For the record, he giggled, that was his non-answer) Unfortunately Matthews is preaching to the Choir, and the rest of the MSM lets this crazy shit slide.

    I also think, as I have posted on a different thread, that too much attention is being paid to Palin’s lies and not enough to McCain’s. For one thing, WHY does the MSM let McCain get away with claiming that he has done everything he can for Veterans when several of the Veteran’s groups have given him a D based on his record; the facts are stark, he has voted NO multiple times on expanding funding for the Veteran’s Administration.

    As for McCain’s claim to being an agent of “change,” this would be laughable if millions of people didn’t really seem to believe Mr.90 percenter…on taxes, on Iraq, on just about everything else of importance, McCain’s plans are not substantially different from Geo Bush’s. Where is the accountability? And why isn’t the press on McCain for his out and out mendacity?

  4. don Masterson says:

    Eight years of the “big lie” by Bush/Cheney and their cronies have made 1984 come true (just a bit late). In the world they have fostered, “freedom (to think) is “slavery.” Obama, like, Stevenson well before him, implores people to use their intellect, to reason out the issues. Sadly, this country had no place for Stevenson (and he was white). Can we really be a nation who votes for someone not because of his thoughtfulness, but because she can gut a moose,
    a nation who prefers a tired, angry old white man, to a vital, calm, black one? I hope not, but…

  5. Carol Tuppa says:

    The coming election is not about how perky Sarah Palin is, if she should stay home with her children or take on the vice-presidency. It is not about the number of John McCain’s houses or his fifty year old war record. It is not even about how different or similar McCain is to George W. Bush. All of those discussions are just diversions from the real issue. The real issue is that the Republican Party is dominated by right-wing extremists and they have brought our great USA to shambles. Bush did not act alone. He acted in partnership with his Party. John McCain will do likewise. In his first Presidental decision, choice of a running mate, he has bowed to that same powerful Right Wing. We need a clean sweep in Washington, not a little dusting. We need to elect a different Party, the Democrats, with their able and well-informed standard bearers, Barack Obama and Joseph Biden. It is time to end the diversions and get serious about the real issues. It is time to get rid of right wing extremists and restore the American Dream

  6. Angellight says:

    McCain and the GOP still want to play got-cha politics — Old-time Party Politics, which most Americans are weary and growing tired of. The GOP lead us into a Pretend and Fake war, the Iraq invasion. The Real war was and is in Afghanistan where Bin Ladin is hiding today. That is not change you can believe in. Most Americans want Truth and Authenticity. We don’t want to be led into a fake war for oil! We don’t want our young men and women dying for oil and a fake war that should have never been authorized. John McCain likes to say he is good on national security, yet he voted Yes to authorize the fake war the Iraq War. What we need desperately today is more honesty by our politicians in this nation instead of the politics of Got-cha, Lies and the tearing down of one’s opponent through dishonesty. The debate should be about the real issues, not pretend wars or personal attacks and or empty and false slogans because it does nothing for the day to day lives of American people.

    The Republican operatives have belittled and berated Barack Obama as just speeches, however, Barack has over 20 years of experience in public service, plus a Natural Talent to organize and get things done, as evidenced by the successful running of his Campaign. Barack Obama has an innate judgment as evidenced by his speaking out against the Iraq war when it was not popular because he had the intelligence and common sense to know that the real was was in Afghanistan not Iraq. Bin Ladin did and does not live in Iraq. Barack Obama has the ability to inspire people to unite in a common cause to bring about the Necessary Changes we need today. Because if we do not unite for change, for true democracy, together we will all go down with the ship and be united anyway but in a negative way and not a positive way.

    We definitely need a change in the way our politicians campaign which as to date, tears down one’s opponent through lies and dishonesty which only tears the country down and puts a bad taste in our mouths, though each candidate has the right to point out true policy differences. We should demand honesty and integrity from our politicians and stop letting them lead us down a yellow brick road of illusion, misstatements, lies and dirty political maneuvering!

    Barack Obama’s message has been throughout that all children are Everybody’s Children, and that we must change the “mindset” for going into wars. He tells us that in order for us to make it as a society and solve our problems, that we must stop being divisive: gays against straight, Muslims, Jews, Palestinians, Christians must unite and respect one another’s religions. That will be his greatest gift to humanity at this time — the ability to see each other as ourselves — or together we can go down with the ship. Everyday he risks his life. He is not running because he has a thirst for power. He offers up his life for his love of humanity and to its next stage of evolution. We should embrace this gift and offer up our prayers that he can finish his mission, his high calling. We must stopped being fooled by politicians who only has the best interest of their pocketbooks and big corporations and not the pocket books of everyday average citizens. It should not take 10 years for the minimum wage to be increased, there is no justification for that. That should tell you there that politicians who vote no for an increase care nothing about your day to day struggles. And you have to ask yourself “What has the GOP done for me lately”? The years when the American Dream was thriving, they were years when there was Democratic Presidents and Congress. That is the true party of the people. If we are to get back to the American dream again we must put in office that party who has always been inclusive and the people’s champion. That party is the Democratic Party.

    And lastly we must not listen to those who refuse to understand the changing of the old order, and the awakening of humanity to the new possibilities. We need a complete purification of the political and economical arenas which would be of the greatest value in bringing back Americas greatness and strength.

  7. ian says:

    Maybe she was hoping for a miscarriage.

  8. Paul C says:

    Please remember, radical_Moderate, that John McCain considers a $500,000/year income to be middle class. By that, he can allow himself to say that Obama would increase taxes on the middle class.

  9. Correction to Paul C: McCain considers 4,999,999/year income to be middle class.

  10. Ex-Reslug says:

    The entire party of uneducated Reslugs are born dumbed down and habitual liars.

  11. Mark Young says:

    stop whining and organize each of us need to get one person before now and the end of voter reg. bring them to the polls if you have to. we got where we are by this formula ,this is war.

  12. I agree completely Mark. My co-blogger and friend Matt and I talk about this election just about every evening, and we’re in agreement on one thing more than anything else; this is going to be won on the ground game. The media is John McCain’s base, and he’s got them in severe battered spouse syndrome, but one interesting thing about the dynamics of the race is that while McCain may have earned himself a national bounce, the electoral map hasn’t changed much and still remains very much in Obama’s favor.

    That right there is indicative of the strength of the ground game, the strength of out organizing McCain. So let the media write on whatever they want, Obama’s behind the scenes, in ur base, steelin ur votrs.

  13. Joe says:

    Oh come on Kyle. How can you assert that the bridge to nowhere claim is somehow false? The fact is that Palin ended the project. The earmark spending she was responsible for was that of her state where she was the executive. As governor she had no hand in the federal legislation that created the project in the first place. When you label a statement as a lie you should be certain that some untruth had been uttered.


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