So They’ll Get A Bounce

This’ll be my last post for the weekend.  We got Hanna coming our way, so I’ve got a few things to tie up in the office before I head home and make sure we’ve got things under control there.  I was tempted to put this post off for a day or two to see how the daily trackers come out, but I don’t think it can wait.

McCain/Palin will get a bounce, and they are already encroaching on Obama’s lead.


It was simply too much to hope that the Republicans would flub their convention so badly they wouldn’t get a bounce.  It would be too easy to fall complacent had the polls gotten too lopsided this far out.

Yeah, they’re going to get a bounce, and I would say it’s a fifty fifty that McCain pulls even or even edges out ahead of Obama.  Great.

You can whine about it, or you can do something about it.  The next two months aren’t going to be easy, the next two months aren’t going to be fun; nothing worth it ever is.

But it comes down to the way I felt.  Despite the cordial tone of John McCain’s acceptance speech, I hold no delusions what awaits this country should he win.  I hold no illusions how the rights of me and my family will be viewed by the “pitbull in lipstick.”  Whatever McCain said on his night won’t erase the blatant intent of the nights and speakers that preceded him:

If you’re not a hardcore social conservative, you don’t count.

I work hard, and I’ve spent my entire life working for this country, I deserve a little more respect than that.  My daughters deserve a country that will treat them as equals, that will allow them full control over their own bodies, that will allow them to sue for equal pay for equal work, and allow them to openly be with the one they love, man or woman.  They deserve public schools that are constantly being improved, not torn down.  They deserve a better country than the one promised by the Republican National Convention this past week.

I know people who are struggling for jobs, and they deserve a president that isn’t going to try and repackage the same economy that lost six hundred thousand more jobs last month.

I know people who find it harder and harder to make ends meet, and they deserve a government that recognizes that as opposed to calling them whiners.

I work with the military every day, and though I’m not in it anymore, some of the few people I call friends are.  They deserve to not have the fine traditions they signed up for used as a cynical political prop, and they most definitely deserve better than to face another four years held to the whims of an overly aggressive neoconservative ideology.

McCain was right about one thing last night; the Republican party has lost the trust of America.  But though he promised to restore it, I’ve not a single doubt in my mind that his selection of Sarah Palin, and the tone of his convention make it very clear that that promise is one McCain is very much not likely to keep.

We all deserve better than that.

So yeah, they’ll get a bounce.  But I’ll be damned if I’m going to drop into a state of hand wringing and nay-saying over it.  You may not think Obama perfect, and he’s not, believe me, he’s not.  But I’ll say this much, he’s got the right ideas to turn this thing around.  He’s got the right philosophy that might actually help us start working together as a country.  And yes, conservatives, this means you too.  In an Obama administration, left, right and center gets a seat at the table.

The only thing I learned over the past few days is in a McCain administration he’ll promise to let everyone have a seat at the table, but when the rest of us non-conservatives go to sit down, we’ll find the chairs curiously absent.

So the only thing the coming McCain/Palin bounce means is that we got to work.  If Senator McCain gets sworn into office on January 20th, and all you did between now and November was sit on your ass, you’ll have nobody but you to blame for it.

Me?  I won’t have that problem.  Believe me.  I won’t.

Go here, give money, give time, give what you can, I know for a lot of you it won’t be a lot, but anything helps.  Anything.

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