Some Questions for Sarah Palin…

… that she didn’t answer in her speech last night:

  • Why is choice good for Palin’s daughter but not for mine or anyone else’s?
  • Why is it acceptable for Palin to use her oldest daughter and her newborn son, who has Down’s Syndrome, at a political convention, to signal her anti-abortion rights credentials to her Christian social conservative base; but “shameless” for reporters and Obama supporters to question Palin’s judgment and integrity when she agrees to put herself in line for the most demanding job in the world after she has already taken on the enormously demanding job of caring for and raising a special-needs child?
  • Why does the woman who is running for the #2 spot on the ticket of a party that has abandoned the inner city, that sneers at and ignores the importance of issues that are important to black people, and that can’t draw more than a handful of black people to its national convention, belittle the importance (and get cheered for doing so!) of Barack Obama’s experience as a community organizer in those very neighborhoods her party has abandoned?
  • Why do Sarah Palin and John McCain say she has national security experience — much less that one of her “primary responsibilities” as governor of Alaska is national security — when that is not true?
  • Why did Sarah Palin say, in her speech, that Barack Obama “has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in the state senate,” when the truth is so easy to find?
  • Why did she say, “I told the Congress ‘thanks, but no thanks,’ for that Bridge to Nowhere,” when she didn’t?
  • Why did she sit and listen to the anti-semitic ravings of David Brickner, the executive director of Jews for Jesus, when he spoke at her church at the invitation of her pastor, Larry Kroon — twice? Why is she still a member of that church? Did she put money in the collection box that was sent around for the organization? She claims that she does not agree with Brickner’s views — but if that’s true, why did she not raise her voice and speak out against those vile views?

That’s enough, for a start.

4 Responses to “Some Questions for Sarah Palin…”

  1. GallFire says:

    I’m not sure at all what the first one is all about – choice is not ok for her daughter – assuming here you are referring to abortion…

    And, even though I am a Republican, I agree, she is way too flip-floppy on the bridge, and I can’t figure out why they are saying she has foreign policy experience either – makes no sense.

    The last one – the guy is a christian jew. Every christian thinks they are right and the Jews (and every other religion as well) are wrong – it’s a religion.
    And you know what – he wasn’t saying to kill Jews, only that he felt they were wrong.
    I strongly disagree, of course, as I am no longer christian, but converting to Judaism. But while I was a christian there was a messianic rabbi (christian Jew) who came ot my shurch talking about this – does that make me anti-Semitic?
    Not to mention she did speak out against these views and stated that she does not agree with them.

    On the memoirs but not laws, yeah, I have found a few he has introduced – not many, but there are a few. I don’t put a lot of stock in “sponsoring” a bill though.

    And about abandoning the inner city, well the same can be said that Democrats have abandoned the rural areas.

    And I’m not sure how to respond to the second one. Keeping a baby even when she knew it would have difficulties, and her daughter keeping her baby – even though it was conceived outside of wedlock – yes, that does speak to her pro-life stands – she’s actually had to face that issue and met it head on and didn’t waiver.
    What I’m not sure about is the statement that it is shameless for the press to question her own integrity and judgment.
    That is perfectly reasonable, and should be questioned. What is “off-limits”, as Barack Obama said, is questioning her own integrity based on the mistakes of members of her family. They are their own people, and will make mistakes, but using those to attack Palin herself is shameless.
    Questioning her own problems though, is perfectly fine.

    So I agree, I would like to see some good solid answers on her Bridge to Nowhere flip, and on the idea she has foreign policy experience – if anyone is saying that they are mistaken.
    Good post though, raises some good food for thought.

  2. roschelle says:

    She brought down the house as she smiled sheepishly into the cameras and read from the tele-prompter. It was a mediocre speech at best..but presented very well. Even so I still don’t know who Sarah Palin is!

  3. Kathy says:

    I’m not sure at all what the first one is all about – choice is not ok for her daughter – assuming here you are referring to abortion…

    When Sarah Palin made that public announcement that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant (two days after her boss found out), she took pains to assure us that her daughter *chose* to “keep the baby.* There’s no choice if abortion is illegal, right?

  4. GallFire says:

    Indeed, that is what you meant.
    BTW, considering it is currently legal – you do have to choose – so at this point in time that is the situation – but she doesn’t believe there should even be a question – life every time. If it is because you have to choose, or you actually have the government protecting it is besides the point IMO.

    But I do get what you are saying – a good catch 😉

    It was scripted ’til about half way through, when the teleprompter got way ahead of her, and she had to wing it. Some of the more memorable lines of the night were not scripted at all.

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