The Big Lie & The Right’s Distraction Reaction

There have been some excellent posts today by Kyle and Kathy regarding the “Bridge to Nowhere” lie and the bogus allegation that Obama called Palin a pig. I want to add to the discussion that there can be no doubt that the desperate smear of Obama is due to the fact that Palin’s incontrovertible lie was starting to receive greater public attention.

First, let’s remember that Palin’s “Bridge to Nowhere” lie isn’t some little obscure fact that’s being misstated. It was the central piece of evidence put forth to support the narrative that Palin is a reformer and maverick. It was trumpeted to more than 36 million viewers.

Then, today Josh Marshall posts a brief and excellent timeline destroying any possible defense of Palin’s Lie; Think Progress is running a count of the lie having been repeated 23 times; and the Obama campaign finally strikes with an ad highlighting Palin’s “Naked Lie”. Numerous media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, were noting the lie.

Now, let’s also take note of the right’s defense against the “Bridge to Nowhere” controversy. Remember, these bloggers on the right comment on everything and will spin just about anything. They obsess over Memeorandum and scrutinize every comma in every media story.

So what did some of my ol’ friends on the righty blogs say in defense of Palin’s lie. Let’s take a peek:

Patterico — Nothing!

Ace of Spades — Nothing!

Oh, and let’s not forget our old friend RightwingSparkle — Nada!

The lie was so blatant that their only hope was to ignore it! But it wasn’t going away and the McCain team knew it. Hence, they needed to manufacture a controversy and the more outrageous the better; truth and logic be damned.

So they send out one of their “say anythings” to falsely claim Obama called Palin a pig. The media will undoubtedly bite on the distraction. I already heard it as the sole piece of news on NPR’s hourly news break. Moreover, the rightwing bloggers who were so tellingly silent about Palin’s lie are foaming with faux outrage. Their apoplectic and unprincipled (no criticism of McCain’s prior use of the common lipstick-pig idiom) response reflects the depth of their discomfort at being unable to answer some very simple questions:

When, where and how did Palin tell Congress “thanks, but no thanks” for the Bridge to Nowhere?

She and McCain both lied about it and the Country needs to know.

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