The L Word

It’s the big “L”, and it could be the most potent word in contemporary politics; after all, it did help sink Al Gore’s 2000 presidential ambitions, even if it wasn’t an accurate word to be used against him.

No, it’s not “Love,” it’s “LIE,” and Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania gets it in a big way.

I’ll be honest, a little tiny part of me hoped that this election would be different, that it would be based upon debate and mutual respect for opposing sides.  Two candidates; one who had spent his years in the senate building a reputation as a reformer, the other a fresh face on the national scene with a desire to change the way we approach political debate, could have taken the opportunity to treat the most important presidential election of our lifetime with the gravity and respect it and we deserve.

I really hoped that would be the case.

Instead, John McCain sold out on every single issue that made him what he once was, and has taken to outright LYING in an attempt to sway voters’ opinions.  Indeed, Think Progress has been keeping a tally and well just the number of times the McCain campaign has repeated the Bridge to Nowhere lie alone has gotten pretty astonishing considering how new Palin is to the ticket (not even a full two weeks have gone by):

But before the McCain/Palin team started soaring high with that whopper of a fish story, there has been another pervasive lie that I have heard over and over again: Obama will raise your taxes.  That’s where Governor Rendell comes in:

Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania just accused the campaign of Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin of flat-out “lying” about Senator Barack Obama’s plan on taxes.

Mr. Obama would cut taxes for the majority of Americans, according to theTax Policy Center that has examined his proposals, and yet the McCain campaign continues to say that Mr. Obama would raise them.

“I call on Senator McCain to stop misleading, stop lying, about Senator Obama’s tax plan,” Mr. Rendell said in a conference call with reporters.

Because when McCain looks into that camera and says that Obama will raise your taxes (and he did this in his ratings nabbing acceptance speech), that too is an outright LIE to all but five percent of Americans.

Again, I think the media is failing us yet again in this country because while they are more than content to go chasing down the latest and greatest from Obama’s former preacher, and chasing down frivolous and substance-less rumors of Sarah Palin, they can’t seem to be bothered for calling the McCain campaign on blatant falsehoods.  They can’t be bothered to ask the question to McCain; “When you say Obama will raise your taxes, can you please clarify who exactly would be defined by ‘your’?”

But the biggest question is; why lie?  Why bother?  If the strength of your ideas is great enough to make you president, you shouldn’t have to lie about either them (bridge to nowhere) or your opponents (Obama’s proposal to give 95% of all Americans a tax cut).

My mother once told me that people who cuss do so only because they lack the intelligence and substance to say something meaningful.  I think if she had replaced “cuss” with “lie” she would have been infinitely more accurate.

As it stands, this McCain campaign can’t stop lying because without the lies, they have nothing else to run on.  And it’s about time we start calling them on it.  They aren’t distorting the truth, they aren’t being dishonest, disingenuous, deceitful, and they aren’t being less than truthful.  They are lying, they are lying, they are lying.

And thus far the media is allowing them to get away with their LYING.

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