The Mail is Here! The Mail is Here!

I hate the mail, but it has not always been that way. If it were up to me, I would take every piece of mail that comes into my box (other than my weekly copy of The Nation and Newsweek) and pile it up in a corner, shred it or burn it.

This hatred of the mail began somewhere around my last year at university when the creditors who I had managed keep at bay with the little pile of money with which I entered school, backed up by the only paying gig that kept me going through graduation – waiting tables – finally was insufficient to pay the piper. At this point like many other young adults in between school and their first realy job, I began being hounded relentlessly by credit agencies.

Rather than retell what is bound to be only one in several million of the same story I will say this, were it not for my wife I would probably have skipped the border long ago never to have been seen again. Apparently, I long had the revenue stream to pay these bills but the fear of the freakin’ mail kept me from wrapping my head around it and moving on.

That chapter of my life is over but my hatred of the mail persisted, until today.

Today I received the only piece of mail that could possibly cure me of my this hatred. What is this miracle piece of post you ask?

Ah, it is my one and only copy of Pennsylvania form 14A, courtesy of the Allegheny County Dept. of Elections.

My official absentee ballot!

Mikey's Ballot

Mikey's Official Absentee Ballot

Want to guess for whom I will be casting my ballot?

2 Responses to “The Mail is Here! The Mail is Here!”

  1. terry says:

    write in for Pat Paulsen??


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