The Prescient Matt Damon

First, take note of Mikey’s warning regarding the serious danger being posed by Hurricane Ike and the need for our vigilance so as to avoid another Katrina.

Second, everyone should read Kathy’s excellent analysis of the Palin interview. She summed up my thoughts in the following three sentences:

But she knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy, or national security issues, or the nature of the dangers this country faces. She answered almost every question Gibson asked in vague generalities and slogans. There wasn’t even the barest outlines of a policy about anything.

Finally, after seeing Palin’s inept performance, I am reminded, now more than ever, that Matt Damon struck the right tone about Palin being one heartbeat away from the Presidency.


And there are some who are even more laudatory of Matt Damon than I.


3 Responses to “The Prescient Matt Damon”

  1. Harold says:

    All The Reasons To Vote Barack Obama

    This video sums up why there is only one choice in November.


    Harold Wittcomb

  2. opit says:

    I don’t ‘blog’ in the sense of writing editorials and essays much, taking what is becoming the less and less efficient road of content recommendation.
    The Overton Window and Noam Chomsky’s analyses seem unattractive to most : obscure tracts and crazy ideas.
    Needlenose, Daily Kos, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo have all given a shot at exposing systemized bullshit as world media/educational content. The really bright writers are so marginalized that nobody understands them or takes what they say seriously.
    I think the election is a sideshow.
    There. Another nut.
    I’ve been following Alicia Morgan’s blog – on and off – for years. Finally she is on the final stages of laying out why none of us can afford conservatism – even writing a book on the subject.
    Prescience ? Heh. I’m afflicted with whimsy at the moment – breaking the word down into its components.

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