Top of the Ticket

I know it can be hard to believe, but John McCain is actually the top of the GOP ticket, not Sarah Palin.  For all the hooplah that has swirled around the vice presidential pick, it’s almost as though the main event was forgotten…

You know, except for the fact that he was a POW.

Tonight he officially accepts his party’s nomination in a speech that will help set a course that he hopes leads to the White House.  Unfortunately for McCain, he’s got some high expectations to meet.  After last night, where the speech roster was filled with barn burner after barn burner, John McCain has to prove in his speech why he was the top of the ticket.

Further to John McCain’s misfortune, just as the liberal commentators were focused on attacking Sarah Palin, conservative commentators were just as focused on defending her, leaving no one behind to lower the expectations for McCain.  John McCain does not give good speech, but he has to give a helluva speech tonight.

What I would like to see him do is actually attempt to deliver a speech for all Americans, but if the past couple of nights are any indicator, what we are likely to see is John McCain push even further right and then try and sell that as being bi-partisan and maverick-y.

It’s being made increasingly clear, John McCain is running for the President of the United States, but he only actually wants to govern the most hardcore of movement conservatives.

If he does well tonight, McCain may earn for himself a decent bump, though I’m not certain it will be enough of a bump to overtake the lead that Obama currently has.  If he delivers another Lime Green Monster… well, one can only hope.

I personally think McCain will deliver a mediocre speech, one that will be largely upstaged by the people he beat out in the Republican primaries as well as his running mate, and one that will pale in direct comparison to that of Obama’s acceptance speech.

In either case, this week is thankfully almost over, leaving the election to be decided primarily by two things, ground game and debate performances, both of which I believe Obama has distinct advantages in.

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