Way To Go, Jackass

I can’t say I didn’t see this coming; it’s becoming real clear that John McCain really didn’t want to go to that debate on Friday, making me believe that this is all turning out to be the most impressive expectation lowering of all time.

John McCain “suspended” his campaign in order to save the economy.  The only problem was, while the economy was broken, congress was having no problems working together to actually fix it.  Indeed, as reported earlier, an agreement was well on its way to being finalized before the scheduled Obama and McCain meeting with President Bush earlier today.

In other words, while there was plenty to fix, there wasn’t actually anything specific that John McCain could actually fix; lots of folks on both sides of the may not be particularly pleased with whatever plan the congress was coming up with, but they were working the problem with surprisingly little finger pointing and logjamming.

If John McCain went back to congress to fix things, but there was nothing to fix, than he risked letting the cat out of the bag that his little stunt was, well, nothing more than a cheap, tawdry stunt to direct the electorate’s attention away from the fact that his poll numbers were “cratering” as well as the fact that his vice presidential selection had the policy expertise of a tsetse fly.

There was only one thing for him to do; if things in Washington weren’t broken already, he would have to break stuff himself.

Apparently, John McCain’s presence in DC hasn’t brokered a deal, it has completely and totally obliterated it, polarizing congressional Republicans and causing them to back down from the deal.

Folks, despite McCain saying this is a time where we should be above politics, this is exactly what injecting presidential politics into the process looks like.  If John McCain had not been the Republican presidential candidate, all of the Republican party would see him coming into town, take one quick listen to his ideas, and promptly tell him to go take a leap.

But, since he is the Republican candidate, and his election practically hinges on this brain-breaking stunt, McCain could walk onto the floor of the senate, say, “My friends, I don’t think this deal should go forward unless every American also gets a roasted duck for Christmas,” and you would have the entire Republican caucus saying, “You know, I think that’s not a half bad idea.”

Absolutely insane, and yet another reason why this grandstanding old tool shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the presidency.

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  1. DrGail says:

    Given the events late in the day — namely the WH meeting at which House Repubs offered their own nonsensical but competing plan — it looks even worse.

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight:

    McCain made a big deal about “suspending his campaign” (not!) to ride into Washington on his white horse and show the type of presidential leadership he says he’ll bring to the table if only we elect him president.

    But instead of showing any leadership, he sat there like a bump on a log with his thumb up his ass, while Boehner threw a cherry bomb into the whole works. McCain said and did nothing, which makes me think he tacitly approved of this. After all, the House Republican plan offers tax breaks to corporations, less regulation of markets, and makes no sense at all so what’s not to love if you’re John McCain?

    But still, he remained silent at this WH meeting that (if you can believe the Bush administration) he insisted needed to happen, allowing total chaos to reign.

    I’m beginning to think that he really wants to avoid the first debate and, since his campaign has muzzled his mother, she can’t just phone in and say “Johnny isn’t feeling well and needs to stay in bed, so he can’t attend your debate.” So, more drastic measures were required like sabotaging the bailout.

    Shorter: “Forget about the country; I’ve GOT to get out of that debate!”

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