Who is a Vote for McCain Really For?

It’s an important question.  Not one that I have to ask myself specifically–I will vote for Obama, and when I mean vote for, I mean I will vote in advocacy of Obama instead of in opposition to McCain.  I think that’s an important distinction to make.

But I digress.  Let’s assume for an instance that you are going to pull the lever for McCain; do you really know what that vote means?  Are you absolutely positive of whom you are putting into the White House?

You better be sure.

As John Perr at Crooks and Liars outlines in detail, while McCain may be the name at the top of the ticket, it’s definitely not the man who is setting policy.  This shouldn’t come as a total shocker given that there’s been some whispering that would indicate that McCain wanted to pick Lieberman to fill out the ticket, and sort of got strong armed by the ultra-conservative wing of his party to go with Palin.

But it’s rather shocking how little influence McCain has had on the party platform; giving in completely to the most absurd pro-life sentiments of his party.  McCain, who once said that Roe v Wade should not be overturned, and who once at least supported certain provisions (such as allowing abortions in the case of rape) in attempts to banning abortions, has now flip-flopped to a complete and total assault on a woman’s right to choose.  No exemptions, none.  But wait, there’s more:

And McCain’s detachment from the platform of his party hardly ends there.  On same-sex marriage, immigration and stem cell research as well, the GOP bucked McCain each and every time.

As it turns out, McCain’s acquiescence doesn’t merely reflect his weakness (which it surely does) as much as his disinterest. As McCain himself admits, he just doesn’t care about details of policy; his campaign is about putting winning, and not country, first.

He doesn’t seem to have any influence over his party’s platform; none.  While he’s content to be the guy who makes speeches, it looks as if the people who will actually define a McCain administration will be the very same people who cheered at the toxic level of partisan rancor that characterized the first two full days of the Republican convention.

This would no doubt make the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican party happy, and it should.  It means that if their guy wins, they may just be able to get everything they ever wanted.

But for everyone else, it brings into question the words that John McCain said last Thursday night.  He said he would fight for us.  He said he would end partisan rancor.  He said that he would reach across the aisle.  But he wouldn’t even fight his own party on the things he once believed in.

Can we really trust his words when he won’t even step in on outlining his own platform?

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