And Here I Thought They Were Fighting for Oil

Here is Glenn Greenwald on Sarah Palin’s response to an anti-war protester at her rally in Florida today:

Listening to a Sarah Palin rally is like visiting a museum exhibit of every empty, trite, manipulative right-wing political slogan from the last three decades. Today, an anti-war heckler interrupted her speech in Florida and this is how she responded, to cheers from right-wing throngs both at the rally and around the nation:

Bless your heart sir, my son is in Iraq fighting for your right to protest.

Right, because if Saddam Hussein had remained in power in Iraq — or if we were no longer occupying the country — then the U.S. would have been invaded by the Iraqi Army by now and we’d be living under the tyrannical rule of Ace of Clubs Quasy and Ace of Hearts Uday (and Five of Hearts Dr. Germ and cardless Mrs. Anthrax) and they would have abolished our First Amendment rights of speech and assembly. So that’s exactly what the U.S. military is doing in Iraq: “fighting for our right to protest.” And those who oppose that war, therefore, are unwilling to Fight for Our Freedoms. And Freedom is on the March.That may be the motive driving many, perhaps most, citizens who join the military. But even under the most romanticized vision, whatever it is that we’re doing in Iraq, fighting for our “right to protest” quite plainly isn’t it.

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