Another Ethics Charge?

When Governor Sarah Palin was found to have violated Alaska state ethics laws, she helped make history in being a part of the only presidential ticket in history in which both candidates were found guilty of ethics charges.

Could she do it again by being found guilty yet again before the election?

As CBS reports, a new complaint arises against Palin due to the potentially illegal use of funds spent on her daughters and husband.  The actual occurrence is not anything new.

During her tenure as governor of Alaska, Palin has been known to use state money to pay for airfare for her children, an extravagence that many say is in violation of Alaska state law.  While this has caused an uproar and further challenged Palin’s reputation as a reformer, this has been up until now just another embarrassing story for the supposedly “vetted” vice presidential candidate.

But just as the buzzing around the story began to die, this new development promises to drudge the whole thing up again as an official complaint is now on the books.

The question still remains; how can we trust Palin to be a true reformer when she’s already been found guilty of one ethics violation, and is soon to be under investigation for another?

One Response to “Another Ethics Charge?”

  1. P says:

    My gosh that’s certainly much more important than Obama’s massive illegal fundraising isn’t it?


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