Another Republican In The Tank

Obamacans.  Back during the Democratic primaries I noted that Obama was able to attract a curiously high amount of support from Republicans, but back then we were talking about a small band of anonymous self identified GOPers.

Boy has that changed.

In the past few weeks we have seen a steady flow of high profile Republicans endorse the Democratic ticket, and it’s obviously taking its toll.  It’s not just that the party itself has been overran by ideologues still attempting to justify their policies after the last eight years have shown their flaws; it’s also that the Republican nominee for president has shown time and time again that he lacks the temperament and judgement to serve in the highest office of the land.

From Colin Powell to Ken Adelman, some of the endorsements have been shocking.  Almost as shocking has been the near endorsements, conservative columnists who have all but endorsed Obama through their heavy criticism of McCain, columnists such as George Will and Kathleen Parker.

And the march continues on, this time with Reagan’s chief of staff, Ken Duberstein.

Duberstein, referencing Colin Powell’s endorsement as a “good house keeping seal of approval”, has declared that he intends to vote for Obama come Tuesday.

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