Arizona In Play?

Of course Arizona is going to go for McCain, but it is worth mentioning that we’ve now had a second poll come out that shows that McCain’s own home state is drifting into battleground territory.

Rasmussen reports that McCain is only up by about five points in his own state.  Now, I find it unlikely that the gap will narrow very much at all from that point, however the fact that it has narrowed that much at all in the closing days of the election speaks to the difficulties that McCain faces over the course of the next week.

He’s in a place where he needs to be encroaching on Obama territory on a massive scale, and yet what we’re seeing is states like Arizona and Georgia are drifting into toss-up status.  Other dependable red states such as Montan, North Carolina, and North Dakota are already in battleground status, and at least North Carolina is actually leaning slightly in Obama’s direction.

Thus, what we are seeing is the trends are still moving in Obama’s direction, and the time for them to reverse is rapidly running out.

Note: For a really good look at how unlikely it is for McCain to catch Obama, check out Pollster’s graph on the national trend.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but we’re talking about a voter shift three times greater than we’ve seen this entire campaign happening in about a week’s time.

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  1. Ross says:

    For Obama to win Arizona would be the ripe cherry on top of what is looking like to be a very delicious electoral map come Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

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