B-B-B-But… KGB!!!!!

John McCain’s told us that he’s stared into Putin’s eyes… his very SOUL… and all he saw there were the letters K-G-B!  Still, I guess even cold war apprehensions must fall to the wayside when you’re strapped for cash.

Okay, so maybe Putin himself wasn’t getting solicited but… Read:

But more importantly, the same afternoon McCain aides were complaining about Obama’s fundraising success, we also learn that the McCain campaign sought illegal contributions from the Russian ambassador to the United Nations.

The Russian Mission to the United Nations issued a bizarre statement to the UN press corps today stating simply, “We have received a letter from Senator John McCain requesting financial contribution to his Presidential campaign. In this connection we would like to reiterate that Russian officials, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations or the Russian Government do not finance political activity in foreign countries.”

Intrigued, I called the Russian Mission and a press officer there directed me to this item on the Mission’s website. It seems that the McCain-Palin campaign sent a generic fundraising letter to Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly I Churkin.



Accepting foreign money is, of course, against the law. The McCain campaign was, in effect, asking the Russian ambassador for an illegal campaign contribution.

This is the kind of paradoxical reality in which the McCain campaign exists.  He says his campaign is about the economy right after he engages in a length discussion about Obama’s ties to William Ayers and ACORN.  He says he’s the only candidate that doesn’t take money from special interests when in fact he takes a lot of their money, and has more lobbyists working on his campaign than anyone else.

Now he accuses Obama of accepting money from foreign entities, but it’s his campaign that gets its hand caught in the Russian cookie jar.

4 Responses to “B-B-B-But… KGB!!!!!”

  1. Craig says:

    And the rest of the article cited says this:

    Now, in fairness, this was almost certainly the result of some kind of innocent mix-up. Churkin received a generic email solicitation, probably by accident. Russian officials don’t believe the McCain campaign was deliberately asking for an illegal donation. Ruslan Bakhtin, press secretary of the Russian mission, told Ben Smith, “We just find it amusing.” As do I.

    So you take an obvious dumb mailing glitch and purposely turn it into an attack piece. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are enough REAL faults within McCain’s campaign to focus on rather than lowering yourself to disingenious accusations. I thought Obama wants to RAISE the level of political campaigning? Did you not get the memo?

    Hope and change?

  2. DrGail says:

    Okay, Craig. Here’s the thing. There’s a simple word that summarizes this post. That word is irony.

    So don’t get your knickers all in a twist. There’s not a soul alive that thinks McCain singled out Churkin as a potential source of a campaign contribution, especially since it’s illegal to do so. The rest of the Washington Monthly piece — the part you excerpted in your comment — makes it very clear that it wasn’t deliberate, no one thinks it was deliberate, and no one is trying to stir up trouble by claiming it was deliberate. That’s why it’s ironic, instead of, oh, say, outrageous or unconscionable. Got it?

    Now, lighten up a bit, okay? We don’t want you to stroke out before the election.

  3. Craig says:

    Thanks for being Kyle’s spokesperson, but its hard to believe a post is simply an amusing bit of snarky irony with an ending statement like:

    “Now he accuses Obama of accepting money from foreign entities, but it’s his campaign that gets its hand caught in the Russian cookie jar.” And a reference to this being another example of McCain’s paradoxical reality.

    Good thing the original article at least got around to the truth at the very end of the story. You wouldn’t know it otherwise.

  4. Actually, Craig, I rarely participate in the comments section. It’s just a tic I have. Gail’s been reading me long enough that if she says something, you can probably trust her take on it. The focal point of this was the irony.

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