Bad Job Numbers Tomorrow?

To pick a very small nit with Joe Biden, he should have hammered Palin on her claim of job creation through tax cuts.  Job creation via tax cuts is undisputably a continuation of Bush policy.

This year the result of that policy has been the loss of over 600,000 jobs … with more to losses to come.

Analysts are predicting tomorrow’s job report will show another 105,000 jobs being lost in September.  These predictions are typically, overly optimistic.

In my opinion, Obama and Biden need to more clearly articulate how McCain’s job creation program is the same as the Bush program that is actually destroying jobs in America.

One Response to “Bad Job Numbers Tomorrow?”

  1. radical_Moderate says:

    I absolutely agree.


  1. Worst Job Loss in Five Years | Comments from Left Field - [...] colleague Mac last night posted that today we were expecting a job loss report of about 105,000 jobs today. …

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