Battleground State? What Battle?

It’s really, really hard to blog any election news here that Kyle has not already posted, but I think I may have beat him on this one. Right now, it’s looking like Virginia has morphed from red to purple to blue:

As McCain’s Lead Among White Virginians Shrinks, So Too His Chances of Holding The State’s 13 Electoral Votes: 29 days until votes are counted in Virginia, Democrat Barack Obama is ahead 53% to 43%, according to this SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, WJLA-TV in Washington DC, WTVR-TV in Richmond, and WJHL-TV in the Tri-Cities. In 4 tracking polls conducted since the Republican Convention, McCain has gone from up by 2 to down by 10.

There is movement among men, where immediately after the GOP convention, McCain led by 10, and where today Obama leads by 11.
There is movement among whites, where McCain’s once 22-point lead is today reduced to single digits.
There is movement among the well-to-do, where today for the first time Obama leads.
There is movement among pro-choice voters, where Obama’s lead has doubled since August.

McCain no longer leads in any region of the state. In Northeastern VA, which includes the DC suburbs, Obama leads by 24 points. In Central Virginia, home of the Confederate White House, the Museum of the Confederacy and Appomattox, Obama today leads by 8. In Southeastern Virginia, Obama leads by 11. In the Shenandoah, where John McCain led by 24 points one month ago, Obama and McCain today tie.

I was so excited, I just called my daughter. I asked her if she’d heard the news about Virginia. She said no, so I told her that Obama now leads in Virginia by double digits. There was this moment of silence, and then: “WHAT?!!”

2 Responses to “Battleground State? What Battle?”

  1. Chief says:

    North Carolina looks like a Dem possibility also.

    Unfortunately, there is a lot of racism there. Mrs. Chief has a niece that has lived in NC for about 17 years. She came from “white” western Ohio and was not raised to be prejudiced. But she is an unrepentant racist today. The things she says are unprinable in a family blog.

  2. Kathy says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a society where presidential candidates could accuse their opponents of “palling around” with racists? I guess if that charge had any ooomph, this wouldn’t be a racist society.

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