After a week in which rumors have been stoked that the former Secretary of State could endorse Senator Barack Obama for president, the rumors were confirmed just minutes ago on Meet the Press.

The political implications of such an endorsement is difficult to measure.  Normally, endorsements don’t often mean much, but this endorsement could carry with it massive repurcussions.  For one, among undecided voters who may feel Obama is not quite ready to serve as commander in chief, an endorsement from Powell could go a long way in assuring those undecideds in his ability to handle the challenges ahead.

Further, Powell’s status as a high profile Republican would be a symbolic victory for Obama, as well as a significant vote of no confidence in John McCain.

On Meet the Press, Colin Powell essentially took McCain to the woodshed for his erratic approach to the economy, for the party’s move to the right, and for the negative tone of the McCain campaign.  Most touchingly, Powell took his party to task for their animosity towards Muslim Americans.

At the same time, he praised Barack Obama for his steadiness, his intellectual curiosity, and the fact that he is a “transformative figure.”


  1. terry says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one that teared up during his endorsement?

    Just beautiful.

  2. Scott says:

    I sincerely hope that this endorsement will convince all reasonable Republicans that are unswayed by McCain’s ridiculous personal attacks. I think its a wonderful example of voting for the person, not the party.

    My only worry is that this endorsement will be ignored on the basis of race. Under normal circumstances I would never consider this, seeing as Colin Powell is such a respected public figure. However with the increasing level of racism among far-right voters, it seems probable.

  3. radical_Moderate says:

    Powell’s endorsement just adds to the wave of thinking Conservatives who have chosen to endorse Obama over McCain. I think that Powell gave solid reasons for voting Obama and reasonable people will look at his reasons, and not at the fact that both men are Black. I especially liked that Powell mentioned Obama’s “intellectual vigor,” and that he took his friend McCain to task for picking the clueless Palin as his VEEP, and for his dirty campaign.

  4. Brenda Kula says:

    And his idiocy for choosing Sarah Palin. Don’t forget that.

  5. Terry, I teared up, as well.

    It really is the end of intellectual conservatism. My husband and I were discussing how the base of the GOP are the “nascar” republicans. (No offense to any NASCAR fans, but that describes the people that we have in mind the best.) These are people that either have little education and have not traveled.

    They have small minds, little experience, no tolerance, and they seem to operate on “blind faith”, even when it is detrimental to their own interests.

    Powell’s appearance on Meet the Press today reminded me of the intellectual conservatives that I respected, even when I didn’t agree with them. It is a great loss that these thinkers have been replaced with a bunch of stinkers.

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