Does John McCain Really Think Obama is a Terrorist?

It was November of last year.  John McCain was still looking like a long shot, and Hillary Clinton was still the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination.  At an intimate campaign event, John McCain was asked by a female supporter, “How do we beat the bitch?”

Half a year later, McCain would select Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate, and all of a sudden the GOP had discovered a newfound vigilence against sexism, but at that particular moment in the not too distant past, McCain ultimately answered, “That’s a good question.”

There was no chastising, no admonishing, nothing even remotely close to, “I respect Senator Clinton, and feel that it’s unnecessary to refer to her using gender-based epithets, but I also believe it’s important that we talk about how to beat her in the fall.”  There was some uproar, but mostly on the left.  As for anyone else, well, this was the pre-Palin Republican presidential primaries; there was no need to feign indignance on behalf of women.

But we’re no longer in the heady days of the primaries, we’re in the general election, the audience is different, and frankly, they deserve better.

At a campaign event today, McCain launched into what he has telegraphed would be his guiding theme until the election is over; “Who is Senator Obama?”  An enthusiastic supporter promptly answers loud enough for everyone to hear, a “Terrorist!”

Just like the occurance a little under a year ago, McCain doesn’t address the supporter, he just keeps going.  Marc Ambinder makes the case that McCain can’t be held responsible for the words of his supporters.  This may be true, but at the same time, McCain must be held responsible for his own actions, and his own demeanor which, lest you need reminded, is not merely just another presidential candidate, but also a statesman who is partaking in an election with another fellow American statesman.

Personally, I would think him duty bound to at the bare minimum stand up for his rival on this one point.  Further, now that it has been put out in the open as such, I want to hear from McCain himself: does he think Obama is a terrorist?

That is most certainly the direction he’s allowing his running mate to go; implying that Obama is a terrorist.

Of course, the last thing the McCain campaign wants to do is come right out and say it.  I was catching up on some Hardball a little bit ago, and Chris Matthews had them dead to rights; their goal is not to connect the dots, only to provide the dots and hope the voters do all the connecting on their own.  They want people to think Obama is a terrorist without actually having the temerity and courage to come out and say it themselves.

And remember, this is a man who promised a clean campaign.

But seriously, I think they need to be asked the question, and I think they need to be pinned down until they give an answer.  Do they think Obama, a respected Senator of the United States, and the Democratic party’s presidential nominee, is a terrorist?  If so, why not have the conviction to actually say so?  This is especially true considering that these people claim they are the best prepared to help us battle terrorists; if that’s actually the case, wouldn’t they want to vocalize loud and proud that one of the presidential candidates is in fact such a terrorist?

And if not, why are they trying to smear the man?  Why are they peddling slander they know to be false?

In any case, the McCain campaign most definitely needs to be held responsible for its actions, if for no other reason than because what they are doing is not only vile, dishonorable, and reprehensible, it is also incredibly dangerous.

As another supporter at a Palin rally yelled, “Kill Him!”

10 Responses to “Does John McCain Really Think Obama is a Terrorist?”

  1. Romain St Martin says:

    I think this is unethical to call a fellow US Senator “Terrorist”. This is clear example that McCain is lack of judgment and out of touch, misleading the American people. He is not capable of being the next commander in chief. A good leader should have a good moral character, and lead by example.

  2. Mary says:

    I totally agree with Romain St Martin.Terrorist is a strong word and it shows the character of McCain in his judgement. It is an assasination of another person’s character.Think about it. How did he made it into the Senate ? How did he get a passport to travel to Iraq, Israel and Germany? is he on the no-fly list? Economy,Jobs,keeping your house from the morgatge crisis and food on the table is all that matters in this turbulent times. You might be next for the axe to fall. No one is immune.Without the economy, you are BUSTED.

  3. Janet says:

    Palin and her husband have been members of the Alaskan Independence Party (her husband even served as secretary)- which now running for Vice Presidency after being involved with a group wanting to succeed from the nation seems far worse to me than someone sharing a (now) famous name.

    When Barack Obama was born in 1961-when he was named. Saddam Hussein didn’t do anything significant politically until 1968 and didn’t become leader of Iraq until 1979. If Obama’s parents are terrorist sympathizers- are they psychic, too?

    Any group not wanting to remain a part of this nation would, in my mind, be the last group of people I would pull someone to LEAD the very nation they wish to defect from. Someone who truly believes their state would be better off separated from this country and it’s government must believe they have nothing in common with the rest of us, different needs, different goals, and probably doesn’t feel that they care or relate in any way to the rest of the country.

    So how can anyone of that mindset then be in charge (if anything should happen to McCain) of picking judges, passing or vetoing law,speaking with foreign dignitaries…putting their personal agenda and beliefs on the heads of the rest of us. I think THAT is a much better case for concern than Obama’s middle name.

  4. Beverly Artis Frese says:

    I have lived out side of the states for over 11 years. I am married to a danish citizen.

    I have always been proud to call my self an american. Now I’m sorry to say that I feel shame for my country.

    Why is it so hard for americans to accept a black american running for president?

    Most europeon’s I speak with cannot understand why american’s call the usa a free country?

    When in fact it is not.

    Please stop this insane behaviour.

    The rest of the world is watching.

    I feel so ashamed!!

  5. Lisa Hartke says:

    I don’t think John Mccain thinks Obama is a Terrorist. I think we do know that he has associated(has had $ raised for his campaign by him, has had dinner with him at his house with his family on more than 1 occassion) with a person who has admitted to bombing our own Country. Now, you may think that’s o.k. and that’s not a friendly relationship) I however disagree, I do not think that’s o.k., especially when the person wants to be my Prseident. A black man running for president would be awesome but, not one that has clear ties to people- that HATE white people and America. I’m not stupid or willing to cut my own throat. Don’t worry about the land of the free because,I have a feelling it won’t be free much longer; if Obama gets elected.

  6. Obama is not terrorist at all, and for all we know McCain can be a terrorist.

  7. JJ says:

    Lisa Hartke. Do you know absolutely everything about every person that you have ever associated with? If you ran for office can you be absolutely sure that none of your acquaintances have a shady past? Obama never had a “friendly” relationship with Ayers. The New York Times reported that after an investigation. And today he has absolutely no contact with Ayers. Also, think about this. Do you think McCain has never had questionable friends? What about the Keating 5. Now there was an actual hearing on that where McCain was reprimanded. Where’s the trial on Obama and why is Ayers teaching at a university if he is dangerous? Even McCain has never come right out and said that Obama is a terrorist. Because that would be LYING. Please think logically. Do you think that if Obama becomes president he will hand over the U.S. to foreign countries. Do we not have a senate and a house? Do we not have impeachment powers? How could you think one person could have so much power? Don’t be so quick to believe McCain. He wants your vote not your trust. Vote on the issues. By the way if Obama’s associations were sooooo important why did they choose to bring this up only after they knew they couldn’t win on issues? Here’s the link that proves this.
    Why didn’t they mention it at the RNC when millions of people were watching. Think about this.

  8. JJ says:

    Here’s the NYTimes article that talks about Obama and Ayers “relationship”.

  9. DBP says:

    People like Lisa Hartke infuriate me. Will you please take the time to actually educate yourself on the Obama/Ayers connection, instead of blindly perpetuating the bulls–t propaganda. Stop drinking the freaking kool-aid. Quit being a lemming!

  10. sharon says:

    Mr Obama , I just hope that you our U.S.A. for people . OKAY Mr Obama i think it time for american people to get help they need ,i ‘am one of that can’t get health insurance or one yes it would cost me for one month 2,000 .THIS IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL!!!!!!!


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