Employees Quit Over Nasty Robocalls

Just recently, Obama launched a withering jab at McCain saying that it’s pretty remarkable when your own running mate thinks your tactics are too low.  He was referring to comments Governor Sarah Palin had made regarding the controversial robocalls going out in battleground states intended to tie Barack Obama to former terrorist Bill Ayers.

While not condemning the robocalls, Palin had suggested that if she could “wave a magic wand,” she wouldn’t be using them.  Indeed, there has been some uneasiness regarding the nature of these robocalls due to how particularly nasty they have been.

But it would seem that John McCain’s running mate is not the only person on the McCain team having a problem with the tone and intent of the robocalls.  Today we get news that there have been two paid employees who have quit specifically because they could not bring themselves to read the script of the calls in good conscience.

Chaylee Cole of West Virginia had been given a script similar to the now infamous robocall connecting Obama to Ayers, and when she refused to read the script, she was sent home without pay.  A few days later she returned to the office to quit.

Meanwhile, in Madison Wisconsin, Ted Zoromski went through a nearly identical experience.

Interestingly, the McCain campaign tries to play the same game of equivalence; Obama’s said bad stuff about McCain and brought up McCain’s associations, so this is fair game.

But as has become a topic of discussion during this election season, we are seeing people who are finally coming to a point that does not always have to be some sort of equivalence of evils.  Because one campaign does something bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean that what they do is just as bad as or justifies the negative actions of the opposing campaign.

While Obama has definitely thrown some sharp elbows during this election season, he has never questioned McCain’s patriotism, and he has never implied that McCain is a friend of terrorists.

To this end, there is no equivalence of evils; the McCain campaign is clearly taking a far lower road than Obama, and it’s really saying something when the McCain campaign is losing paid employees over it.

It’s saying an awful lot.

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