Fox News’ Really Loud Racist Dog Whistle

I seriously just have to shake my head at this one.  You know that I am hyper sensitive to issues of bigotry, particularly those of racial bigotry.  However, I tend to be kind of reserved because I also know that sometimes people say things, and don’t mean or understand the racial content of what they are saying.

I’m hyper sensitive, but I also tend to be pretty understanding partly because it is that understanding that I think is needed to help eradicate racism and other forms of bigotry from our culture.  But the headline that Fox News employed to report the rumor that Powell intends to endorse Barack Obama for the presidency is simply beyond the pale.

“Hip-Hop-Dancing Colin Powell Fuels Speculation He’ll Endorse Obama” reads the headline.  Below which you see a picture of Colin Powell dancing with two younger black men.  The racial subtext here is so glaring one can hardly call it subtext.  You don’t even need to read the article to catch it (though reading the article, which I don’t recommend if racial issues get under your skin, only makes it worse).

The subtext is this.  Colin Powell, who listens to hip-hop which is nothing but music dedicated to killing people, womanizing, and abusing drugs, is endorsing Barack Obama, who is also black, and probably listens to hip-hop, kills people, womanizes, and uses drugs.

Think I’m taking this out of proportion?  Okay great.  Let’s think for a second; if the big rumor was that Powell was going to endorse McCain, do you really think that the headline would have been, “Hip-Hop Dancing Colin Powell Fuels Speculation He’ll Endorse McCain”?  Not likely because in that context, the hip-hop dancing would serve zero purpose.  In that context, it would have been something like, “Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” or “Former Secretary of State,” or maybe both.

But because the rumor is that Powell will endorse Obama, the Hip-Hop is used to link the two, and link them in an unfavorable manner.  This isn’t, Colin Powell looked really close at the candidates and after deliberating long and hard realized that Obama’s got the head on his shoulders we need to run this country and John McCain is batshit insane.  This is, Colin Powell is endorsing the black guy so that the black people of this country can rise up and rule you poor defenseless white people.

This is just gross.

2 Responses to “Fox News’ Really Loud Racist Dog Whistle”

  1. ludovic says:

    Speaking of racist dog whistle politics, check out for the good, bad and ugly from the right, left and center.

  2. rick says:

    Kyle, You are an idiot!


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