Dow dove under 9000 today.

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  1. tas says:

    WELL under 9000, at thatt. My eyes bugged out when I saw the first two numbers as an “8” and a “5”…

    Remember over a week ago when Malkin and her ilk were claiming that nobody needed to panic because, although Dow dropping over 700 points in one day was the largest total ever, it didn’t compare with any largest percent of market lost on one day… Well, the Dow lost 7.33% of its value today — which almost cracks into the top ten list for largest percent market losses in history.

    To put this in another perspective — If this percent drop happened the day of the largest point loss in history, Dow would have lost somewhere around 800-850 points instead of just 700+. So today was, by far, worse than the 700 point drop day.

    Pleasant, huh?

  2. Shit, I’m beginning to wonder if we’re going to have to give money back on my wife’s 401(k). In the mean time, I’m considering emptying my bank account; those dollar bills can be burned for warmth this winter.

    It ain’t snowed in a while, too. We’re due.


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