Get Well Soon

I don’t like speaking for everybody, but I’m pretty sure that most American parents for at least a little while harbor dreams of watching their child grow up to be President of the United States of America.  I know I do; when I look at my two little girls I can’t help but to dream that perhaps one of them will be the first female president of this country, and in fact I was bursting with pride last night when my wife told me that my four year old was the only kid in her pre-school class who knew who the president was, as well as both candidates running to be the next president.

In the case of Barack Obama’s parents, though, this nearly universal dream comes at a bittersweet price; neither his father nor his mother would live long enough to see their son right now as he perches on the cusp of becoming this country’s first African American president.  This despite the fact that should he win this election Obama would be one of the younger presidents to serve.

But while Obama’s parents are no longer with us to watch this historic moment in history, there is one woman who raised him that is still around; his 85-year-old grandmother, Madelyn Dunham.  This is the woman whom Obama has credited perhaps more than anyone else with raising him and instilling in him his values, and this is the woman who undoubtedly has been overfilled with pride at watching her grandson over the course of the past two years.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Dunham has fallen terribly ill in recent weeks, and her condition has worsened such that Obama will be leaving the campaign trail Thursday and Friday to be with her.

For Mrs. Dunham, my deepest thoughts and hopes go out to her; I wish sincerely to see her make a come back for the exciting days we have ahead of us.  For Senator Obama, I say go, tend to your grandmother, there are millions and millions of your supporters that can man the helm in your stead, that will keep working for you, that will do everything in their power to make sure that when Mrs. Dunham recovers, she will have that awesome joy of watching her grandson elected as President of the United States.

For two years, the message that Obama has sent has been, essentially, ‘Chill, I got this.”  Now, it’s our turn.  Handle your business, Senator, we got this.

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