Harriet, meet your match

Since I always love pointing out just how friggen smart I am, in light of Palin and Troopergate soon to explode on a Sunday paper near you I’d like to quote something I said here concerning what is now named Troopergate.  From August 29, 2008, the day Palin was named to the ticket:

I’ve been blogging for a while, and I can smell big stories from a mile away. The pundits on cable news may be singing praises for McCain’s choice right now, but trust me, the old man f—–d up big time. Gov. Palin will be McCain’s Harriet Myers.

For the first month of the McCain/Palin ticket, it looked like I might have to eat those words.  But the iniquities of Sarah Palin have come home to roost.  This is what happens when you chose a nominee who is currently under investigation.  The Troopergate report is a huge embarrassment to the McCain campaign at a time when they least needed it — it’ll be pretty tough to push those BS Ayers, Acorn, and socialist storylines now that Palin is revealed to have abused her powers as governor.  After this weekend, McCain will wish the economy was on the frontpage more often.

Harriet Myers demonstrated just how inept one Republican politician was.  Unfortunately, that politician was the sitting president and no scandal could eject him from office.  Sarah Palin, in the otherhand, has far more power to effect the fate of another Republican politician — much to his chagrin.  I’d feel sorry for him, but quite frankly, I hate the f–king guy.  Screw McCain: he’s only getting what he deserves.

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  1. DrGail says:

    I can just hear the defensive spin right now: “no one could have anticipated. . .”. Just like no one could have anticipated:
    – the breaching of the levees
    – the insurgency in Iraq
    – that “Bin Laden [was] determined to strike in the US”
    – the tainting of products from China
    – the collapse of the housing bubble
    – the NSA would spy on ordinary citizens

    I’ve always regarded this line of defense as the embodiment of that other famous, whining defensive statement: “It’s hard work”.

    I am so disgusted with the whole lot of them. They wanted the job of running the country. Hell, they even cheated to win the job of running the country. So, fer gawd’s sake, run the damn country!

    November 4th. The day we put the grown-ups back in charge.

  2. plainslow says:

    How can anybody, dislike someone they never met, so quickly. If you don’t like Republican Ideals, that’s one thing. But to show the hate I’ve seen, is nuts.
    I moved to my town, and the first people I met told me about the people I would’nt like. I still like those people, but I became good freiends with the peopel I was’nt supposed to like. I always thought that was a good quality. To not let someone dictate what I do, or do not like. I guess I’m way to old.

  3. plainslow says:

    I typed this, realized I sent it again. This note is to delete the second message, I hope.

  4. tas says:

    Well, plainslow, what exactly is there to like about McCain? The lies? Damn lies? Or the videotapes of him lying?

  5. J.S.Bridges says:

    “November 4th. The day we put the grown-ups back in charge.”

    Really? Who’d you have in mind? Lil’ ol’ Barry Hussein, the Obamessiah?

    How can you tell he’s a grown-up…from all the absolute lack of useful background? The in-the-tank affiliation with the Chicago political machine? The lies, damn lies and lying inanities that fall from his carefully-scripted, hidden-Socialist, tax-and-spend-or-steal lips?

    Good luck with that one…The Great Barry, Flim-Flam Man Supremo…

  6. J.S.Bridges says:

    BTW –

    1) The “Troopergate” report is one (clearly biased) investigator’s opinion – the members of the investigative commission merely voted to release the report, without expressing agreement or approval at this point – in fact, it appears (from preliminary statements) that there is substantial controversy over the validity of the report as released. At least one member of the Alaska Legislature has publicly expressed serious doubt concerning the veracity of the report as released – it seems likely that there will be more to come.

    2) The first two “findings” in the released report are directly contradictory, and it appears that the investigator has stretched his own interpretation of the statute cited in the first “finding” extensively beyond anything logical or even reasonable, purely in order to try to produce a conclusion that is unfavorable to Governor Palin. The second “finding” – that the Governor acted properly and well within her authority in reassigning (NOT “firing”, as the investigator alludes) Monegan – is clearly the substantially more important matter, and (despite the investigator’s expressed OPINION concerning motive, which is NOT supported by fact, and which is contradicted by Monegan’s own prior statement) is also clearly in the Governor’s favor.

    3) This report, as bloated and wordy as it is (all 263 pages’ worth), is NOT the whole report – there is much more which has not yet been seen – nor has it been reviewed, debated, agreed with, nor in any way, shape or form been accepted by any part of the Alaska Legislature; nor, in fact, has it even been approved of by the Legislative Council who voted to release it. It is entirely the work of one partisan and clearly-biased individual, motivated and paid for by one Alaskan Senator who is also clearly an advocate for Barack Obama, and an enemy of Sarah Palin. It cannot, therefore, be considered to be anything more than an attempt to besmirch Governor Palin as a purely political ploy by one or more advocates for Obama/Biden. The only useful part is the second half of the second “finding” – the rest is slanted, partisan dreck.

    Sorry to burst your little bubble – but them’s the facts.

    For reference, check out Beldar’s Friday post in Hugh Hewitt’s column at Townhall.com

  7. plainslow says:

    Vote for who you like Tas. Just don’t hate someone you know nothing about.

  8. tas says:

    You’re going to Hugh Hewitt for your “facts”? Good lord. I never trust a man whose first name and last name are almost the same, like good ole HughHew. Furthermore, he looks like a retarded muppet. And on the topic of retardness, have you ever really read what the man has to say? After it was determined beyond the shadow of a doubt that not only did Bush lose the first debate in 2004, but Kerry’s performance there pushed him back into the race, HughHew the Muptard still tried to say that Bush won the debate in the introduction of his book “Blog”. HughHew is a man who is allergic to facts and anything empirical. And you listen to him? Get the fucking stones out of your head, man.

  9. tas says:

    You’re right, plainslow — I don’t know anything about McCain. The guy lies so fucking much about everything; who even knows anything about him? What comes out of his mouth that’s actually true?

    But you seem to trust him, so hey.. Have a happy time voting for the loser.


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