If Wishes Were Horses, McCain Would Have Picked Abe Lincoln for VP

James Joyner reacts to the numerous recent stories that Sarah Palin is becoming more of a liability to McCain’s candidacy by the day — or maybe the hour:

The conventional wisdom has long been that people don’t vote based on the VP pick; it would be odd, indeed, if the trend were broken in the wrong direction.  Then again, given the economic meltdown, Bush’s popularity, and Obama’s money, it may well have been that McCain could have chosen a candidate who combined all the virtues of Ronald Reagan, Abe Lincoln, and George Washington and not pulled it off.

Well, yeah. It’s also long been the conventional wisdom that the VP pick will be at least marginally qualified to be president. Unfortunately, this year’s VP pick on the Republican side is the most spectacularly unqualified to be either vice-president or president possibly in all of U.S. history. That being the case, the conventional wisdom gets shot all to hell, doesn’t it?

Likewise with the economy, and Bush’s unpopularity, and Obama’s money. It’s a shame that’s all happening just when McCain decided to run for president, but if McCain didn’t have all the same policies as the unpopular Bush, including the ones that led to the economic meltdown, and if McCain had been able to understand and articulate Americans’ profound dissatisfaction with Bush’s policies and the status quo, maybe he would have picked a VP for long-term qualifications and not short-term gain.

Then again, if McCain had done all that, he would not have been McCain. And then George Washington and Abe Lincoln and for sure Ronald Reagan, would have been a moot point.

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