“It Didn’t Come Up In The Flow Of The Conversation.”

Here’s a quick clip from a McCain interview with Charlie Gibson courtesy Josh Marshall:


Transcript and comment below the fold.


McCain: …but I have every right to insist that he be candid and truthful with the American people.  Uh, and he needs to be asked about it, and he needs to be forthcoming.

Gibson: Uh, uh, You didn’t raise that, this argument or line of argument in the debate the other night and I asked senator Obama about that yesterday and he said, “Yeah, I’m surprised that John didn’t say that to my face.”

McCain (chortling): Oh I’ll be glad to say it (more laughter) Again, uh, two things I’ve never been accused of lacking; one is passion and the other is courage.  I mean… I can-I can accept a lot of the other, uh, criticisms.  I–It didn’t come up in the flow of the conversation.

What strikes me here is that John McCain didn’t fully understand the full impact of that last sentence in that answer.  Bill Ayers didn’t come up in the flow of conversation during the debate when he and Obama faced each other last.

The reason for this is why this line of attack continues to not be effective; because it simply doesn’t matter.  Let’s forget that the whole Ayers thing is ridiculous to its core (for your information, McCain himself has a connection to Ayers), that despite the ravings of the wingnuts time and again have reputable investigations indicated that there’s no there there.  Let’s even forget for a moment that just today one of the men who PROSECUTED the Weath Underground is upset that Ayers is being used to sling mud on the Democratic candidate.

Forget all of it.  The reason why “it didn’t come up in the flow of the conversation,” is because people don’t want to hear about it.  This debate that McCain and Gibson were talking about was a townhall; the questions came from the voters, and by far they were most interested in hearing about the economy.  They wanted to know how these two men planned on leading us through this time of economic distress.

Further, this topic didn’t come up in the flow of conversation because given the fact that that’s what the people really want to hear about, there’s no logical way to force Ayers onto the table in that context.  How would that go, honestly?  “My friends, yes, I know you’re hurting, I know you’re worried about losing your house, your healthcare, and your jobs, but did you know that that one over there once served on a board with a member of the Weather Underground?”

It would be completely and utterly ridiculous, but then I suppose we have already grown accustomed to the utterly ridiculous from the McCain campaign.


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