Jumping the Shark

I’ve watched patiently throughout this entire presidential campaign — the “silly season” as Barack Obama so accurately calls it — for the moment at which John McCain jumped the shark.

I think I’ve just found it.

Just now, on Hardball, the McCain surrogate selected to be interviewed by Chris Matthews was none other than Michele Bachmann.  Oddly reminiscent of Catherine Harris, both physically and in terms of general nuttiness, she is the loony tune who grabbed hold of President Bush after the 2007 State of the Union address and wouldn’t let him go.

Against that backdrop, I just knew she would have something outrageous to say and she did not disappoint.

During her appearance on Hardball, she was conflating liberals with anti-Americanism and calling out, in particular, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as being especially anti-American.  Taking it a step further, as you just had to know she would, she challenged the media to conduct a thorough investigation of members of Congress to root out which ones were anti-American.


As tas noted in the comments to this earlier post,

“Small town America” is always code for “We’re gonna make America look like a sitcom from the 50’s!”

I guess what tas forgot to mention is that McCarthyism is also associated with the 1950s.

In the comments, I’d love to hear our readers’ ideas about when they think the McCain campaign jumped the shark.

5 Responses to “Jumping the Shark”

  1. icruise says:

    Frankly I think McCain’s campaign has been one shark jump after another. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. I’m not even talking about the negativity so much as the pure incompetence. They are comically inept. Every single one of his “game changers” has ended up backfiring. It’s really quite astonishing.

  2. His campaign jumped the shark when he suspended it.

    Probably never should have got it up and going again.

  3. DrGail says:

    Boy, you folks are both so right! My professional training included a strong inclination to withhold judgment until such time as the conclusion was inescapable, and somehow Michele Bachmann suggesting another witchhunt (excuse me: McCarthy HUAC investigation) put this one over the top for me.

    icruise: there HAS been massive incompetence in McCain’s campaign. It’s been quite stunning to watch, especially since — for once — it hasn’t been on our side. Perhaps we learned our lesson with the Swiftboat Veterans Against Kerry (or whatever they ended up being called), but I’m sure that Obama’s cool political savvy has been a huge factor in showing us the way out of the wilderness.

    Let’s all hope that the Republicans stay in the wilderness themselves for many years to come; there’s a lot of cleaning up we need to do!

  4. tas says:

    God, I can’t pick out the time when McCain started jumping the shark.. I can’t remember back that far. I guess I’m trying to think of when I lost all respect for him… Because, believe it or not, I used to have some respect for him at some point in time. It’s hard to recall, but this is the same man who headed the Senate compromise against the Republicans who wanted to use the “nuclear option” to cancel Democrat filibusters in the Senate — which would have historically changed the face of Senate debates as we know it. And for the worse.

    But trying to quantify when McCain jumped the shark is a matter of trying to find the point where you just can’t forgive his actions anymore. I mean, Hillary jumped the shark plenty of times — and I could make a post pointing out that her research into Ayers, for example, has been used by McCain. Hence her campaign has hurt Obama in the general election — except it hasn’t. Largely due to the utter tanking of the stock and credit markets. Were the economy better we might be singing a different tune, but as is.. No matter what Hillary did during the primary, it wasn’t enough to hurt Obama now; so she’s forgivable.

    As for Hillary’s supporters, though… Most of them are forgivable. Even Talk Left (though I’ll never causally read that site anymore). But when SusanUnPC at NoQuarter started relying on racists to defend Hillary in March, that was the point of no return for me. There’s no apology for that.

    So at what point are McCain’s actions unforgivable? I heard chatter on NPR about McCain thinking of his legacy at this pont, and how he won’t attack Obama with Wright because he doesn’t want to foster racism if Obama is going to be the first black president (which, as any objective look will tell you, that’s in all likelihood right now). Which could be considered honorable, but…

    When did McCain cross the line of forgiveness? Is it when he attacked Obama for having a mansion?

    Is it when we found out that one of his foreign policy advisors was connected to Iran?

    Is it when persons unknown distributed the “Obsession” DVD to 28 million voters in swing states, while at the same time the McCain campaign tried painting Obama as a terrorist?

    Or is it when McCain and Palin rallies became hate filled mobs and neither candidate seemed to give a shit if their supporters were shouting things about Obama like “TREASON!” or “KILL HIM!!” ?

    In fact, all of these are good starting points.

    Any way you look at this, and no matter what you choose — whether it’s a point I listed or something you think I omitted (which, I assure you, is by accident), McCain has crossed the point of forgiveness. He’s jumped the shark, and for doing such he deserves to be punished. This isn’t the same man who led a bipartisan group of senators to keep Senate filibuster privileges in tact and I, for one, well never trust him again. He’s not a maverick, he’s just another fucking wingnut now.

    So instead of asking where’s the point that McCain jumped the shark, a better question might be does it even matter anymore? The dude has fucked up much…

  5. DrGail says:

    Here’s evidence of the netroots at its very best:

    At the time Michele Bachmann was spewing her stupid hate on Tweety’s show yesterday, the ActBlue page for her challenger (Elwyn Tinklenberg) was standing at around $4000. I checked it again a few moments ago, and it’s now at $104,000. That means that $100,000 was raised (just on ActBlue!) for him in a bit over twelve hours!

    Go team!

    (And yes, I kicked in some of my own money. Have you?)


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