Like The Energizer Bunny

Troopergate came, it saw, it decided that Sarah Palin had unlawfully abused the power of her office.  I’m not kidding, you can’t read the report and not at the very least admit that it found that she did in fact do some unethical stuff.  No parsing of words are necessary, it just comes right out and tells you.

Still, Sarah Palin’s defense was to say that it cleared her completely and totally, which is a flat out lie.  She could have tried to attack the merits of the finding, but she didn’t do that, instead opting to tell reporters the exact opposite of what was actually in the report.  Now, when she first did this, I figured she would get called out on it.  But apparently she hadn’t been called out enough because she keeps lying about it.

She’s like a morally tainted version of the Energizer Bunny; she keeps lying, and lying, and lying, and lying…

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