Lisa Schriffen Bemoans the Enfranchisement of Homeless People

Yesterday, Lisa Schiffren posted a lament at The Corner that homeless people are being allowed to vote:

Try as I might, I cannot really understand how even a minimum standard of voting security can be maintained when, as an Ohio judge did yesterday, you decide to let the homeless vote. If there is no address — how do you check whether  someone has voted before or whether they are using a real name? I get that the judge is attempting to enable fraud on behalf of his campaign — but how does this pass even a minimum test of reasonableness?

Granted, Lisa is not a constitutional scholar. Of course, neither is Jeff Fecke. But he does have half a brain:

Okay, Lisa, let me explain. The homeless have a right to vote. This right is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, which is, in fact, the law of the land. The Founding Fathers thought about whether we should have a property ownership requirement to vote. They rejected it outright.

All U.S. citizens have the inalienable right to cast a ballot — even citizens who, for whatever reason, don’t have a home.

What with upsetting stuff happening like creatures who don’t have a home getting the right to vote — and, as Jeff points out, “apartment dwellers [and] denizens of trailer parks” as well — it’s tough to stay positive. But Lisa, buck up: Exxon-Mobil execs vote, too.

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