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Yeesh, it is a slo news day, at least it is for me.  That or I am finding myself uncharacteristically bored with the headlines I’ve seen so far.  You want to know what’s happened today in the world of politics?  Barack Obama is still leading McCain by an embarrassing margin, the right is still claiming that Obama has regular buttsecks with ACORN, Rev. Wright, and Bill Ayers all at once, Sarah Palin probably said something stupid, and John McCain probably blamed the continuing erosion of his honor on Obama.

Because, as we all should know by now, it’s always Obama’s fault.

So, in lieu of writing something important, I just wanted to announce we have two live blogging events in the not too distant future coming up.

First, we’re going to liveblog tomorrow night’s debate.  The profanity rule will reply, however I have no intention of making tomorrow night’s event nearly as serious as the past three debates so don’t forget your teabags.

Second, I want to liveblog election night.  There are some factors at play here.  I’m not sure if I even have the night off yet, which could prove to be a damper on the situation, and if I do have the night off, I’m planning on spending the day volunteering to drive people to the polls.  So as of the time of this writing I can’t say for sure if I’ll be able to do this, and if I can, I’m not sure when it’ll start.  But if all goes well, I want to kick off live coverage somewhere in the 6-8 pm EST time frame.

Also, if I have the night off, I intend to buy alcohol.  You have been warned.


4 Responses to “Liveblogging Announcements”

  1. tas says:

    I have to attend a lecture for one of my classes tomorrow night, so no teabagging for me. Which I suppose is all the better since the debates A) haven’t been spectacular; and B) are too much of an excuse for heavy drinking.

    I’ll probably be around election night, though. Not sure if I’ll be attending a party of not. I need to get me one of those cell phones with wifi so I can do both… Anyone wanna steal me an iPhone?

  2. Boo… I need your excitement to counter my deadpan delivery!!!!!

  3. tas says:

    I’ll setup a bot to say “McCain’s a teabag” every five minutes.

  4. Dynamic says:

    I should be back from work in time to be here by the midsection of the debate. I know you’ll keep a good tab for me til I show up. I’ll stock up on beer… and teabags.

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