Liveblogging The Final Presidential Debate: Let’s Get It On

Alright, we have just under an hour until the final presidential debate, and that means it’s time for us to get that show on the road.  This will be the official liveblogging post, and all the rest of the details will come below the fold.

As always, we perform all of our liveblogging in the comments section so that anyone who wants to participate is free to do so.  There are some caveats to this though.

No cursing.  We do however encourage you to be as gross and vulgar as you possibly can be without using official curse words.

No spamming.  I don’t care about your ladyboy pics or your vibrators that take four d batteries.  Go away.

Finally, keep in mind, as the name of this blog would suggest, this is a highly partisan blog.  If you’re pulling for McCain, I can not be held responsible for the treatment you receive.

With that out of the way, I’ve got my live feed running over at, you can watch the debate on your TV, or just about any major news channel.  Let’s get it on!

286 Responses to “Liveblogging The Final Presidential Debate: Let’s Get It On”

  1. I wonder if Joe is actually watching this debate right now.

  2. Okay, on Roe v. Wade I’m going to pee again. You guys go ahead and keep me up to date.

  3. An appreciative teacher says:

    No, Joe got an emergency call and is knee deep in waste. Oh wait, he is watching the debate and is still knee deep in McCain’s BS.

  4. tas says:

    “Decision to the states” on abortion means abortion would be illegal in many states, teabag. Maybe states should just decide what all of their laws are if you’re such a !@#$ing “Federalist”. Who needs the Constitution at all?!

  5. Dynamic says:

    Well I admit I didn’t see the Roe v Wade thing coming up.

    Yikes, McCain may lose his some of his base here if he doesn’t come out firm against abortion.

  6. terry says:

    McCain would appoint world judges!

  7. Man, that urinal cake looked really tasty, but then my pee smelled like popcorn and it ruined it.

  8. terry says:

    The mood meter for men and women going up as Obama talks about Roe v Wade

  9. Kathy says:

    Fantastic answer.

  10. Dynamic says:

    I love being reminded that Obama has such a thorough understanding of the Constitution.

  11. Snort at Teach.

    Did McCain just contradict himself, btw? He said no litmus test, but then he also said no judge who supported a woman’s right to choose would be qualified?

  12. terry says:

    YEAH Lilly Ledbetter!! This is a good story.

  13. tas says:

    Who did McCain’s makeup job? He looks like a trollop.

  14. Yeah, I agree D… Don’t get into a constitutional debate with a constitutional professor.

    Wow, McCain just called Lily Ledbetter a trial lawyers dream, that’s pretty low.

    And hey, look at that TEABAGS!

  15. An appreciative teacher says:

    When he pats himself on the back for being “proudly pro-life” I wish I had a personal moodmeter with which I could tamper. I really do.

  16. terry says:

    We’ve already been thru the present votes issue.

  17. Wow, McCain’s attacks on Obama are really not connecting with the mood meter.

  18. McCain’s eyebrows = teabags!

  19. Dynamic says:

    Gotta say I think Schieffer is doing a spot on job. This is the best debate of the lot for sure.

    Obama is reaching for the high ground in the abortion debate – that’s a tough place to get to but I’m very grateful to see it, because that’s what we need.

  20. terry says:

    The mood meter just spiked. Great answer about how people can come together on the issue of abortion.

  21. Ooh… Obama is doing the preventing unwanted pregnancies, adn I think he is baiting mccain here.

  22. Kathy says:

    Yes, John, we know how much contempt you have for women’s health.

  23. Now, when I say baiting McCain. I think Obama was trying to bait mccain into repeating his attack on sex ed for kindergarteners… but maybe not.

  24. Kathy says:

    I’m hoping McCain will lose a lot of female support with that sneering, dismissive comment about women’s health.

  25. Dynamic says:

    Education, this is a great opportunity to let Obama shine, Democrats are already seen as strong on education and Obama in particular as well. Let’s hope he hits this out of the park.

    I have no idea how McCain will address this, should be interesting.

    Oh, and just because I haven’t had a chance to say it yet – TEABAG

  26. There is no way McCain touches Obama on education.

  27. terry says:

    Here’s the headline on right now:

    ‘Joe the plumber’ is focus of final debate

  28. An appreciative teacher says:

    Education….my favorite topic.

  29. terry says:

    Ohio mood meter is way up while Obama is taking about education.

  30. Well, at least I don’t think I’m going to have to eat a urinal cake tonight. That’s a relief. Because, yes, the urinal cakes look tasty, but you know, I still do not want.

  31. An appreciative teacher says:

    Bad start, McCain.

  32. I wouldn’t have guessed, Teach.

    Incidentally, Obama maxed out the mood meter on education across the board, in fact, the highest spike was among Republicans.

  33. tas says:

    equal access has been achieved? WTF? Has McCain read anything by Jonathan Kozol? What a !@#$ing teabag. This man has absolutely no !@#$ing clue what the !@#$ he’s !@#$ing talking about.

  34. An appreciative teacher says:

    “We find bad teachers a new line of work”?!?!?!?! Huh?

    Have fun with that.

    P.S. That sure seems like a socialist idea, McCain.

  35. Kathy says:

    Heyyy, no more certification, there’s an idea!

  36. Dynamic says:

    McCain throws in the charter schools, competition response that is still more conservative stock in trade… And let’s make it so soldiers don’t have to get certified to teach? I’d really rather have our teacher’s be certified, I don’t care what their jobs were before.

    And no stance on university education from McCain. That’s a big miss – making university affordable is a huge issue.

  37. Look out, McCain’s in ramble mode. Where the teabag is he? Seriously, I think he’s currently wondering around in the Bronx at this point?

  38. An appreciative teacher says:

    Sorry, Obama. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the Charter school idea.

  39. terry says:

    I don’t think America’s youth are interest groups. They’re our future.

    great line.

  40. oooh… “I don’t think America’s youth are interest groups.”

  41. tas says:

    Has McCain been losing his temper like that all night?

  42. Jebus messianic cricket! McCain’s just a mean old bastiche… You know, a good general rule of thumb is that people don’t like the angry guy, and McCain just keeps coming off mean. “I’m surprised you didn’t pay more attention to that example…”

    He just comes off condescending.

  43. Kathy says:

    Wait! He’ll spend the money to find a cure for autism? Did he say SPEND THE MONEY?

  44. An appreciative teacher says:

    Headstart preschoolers are still behind their peers because they started with little to NOTHING. Research shows that they are behind, but not nearly as deficient as they would have been with NO preschool.

    Damn you, McCain!

  45. Dynamic says:

    Americans will open our wallets? Wouldn’t that mean paying higher taxes… which McCain doesn’t want to do?

  46. terry says:

    Does John McCain know that Sarah Palin’s son has Down Syndrome not Autism??

    or am I wrong?

  47. Wait a minute… Did John mcCain just get the mental disability of his running mate’s son wrong? He’s saying autism, but doesn’t Trig have Down’s Syndrome?

  48. You know, that last parting shot from McCain just seemed petulant.

  49. tas says:

    No, McCain, there actually aren’t enough vouchers. I’ll tell you what — put all the kids that public schools are forced to teach into charter schools and private schools. Then we’ll see how much the system works.

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