Liveblogging The Final Presidential Debate: Let’s Get It On

Alright, we have just under an hour until the final presidential debate, and that means it’s time for us to get that show on the road.  This will be the official liveblogging post, and all the rest of the details will come below the fold.

As always, we perform all of our liveblogging in the comments section so that anyone who wants to participate is free to do so.  There are some caveats to this though.

No cursing.  We do however encourage you to be as gross and vulgar as you possibly can be without using official curse words.

No spamming.  I don’t care about your ladyboy pics or your vibrators that take four d batteries.  Go away.

Finally, keep in mind, as the name of this blog would suggest, this is a highly partisan blog.  If you’re pulling for McCain, I can not be held responsible for the treatment you receive.

With that out of the way, I’ve got my live feed running over at, you can watch the debate on your TV, or just about any major news channel.  Let’s get it on!

286 Responses to “Liveblogging The Final Presidential Debate: Let’s Get It On”

  1. And in McCain’s closing statement, he starts off just making the case for Obama.

  2. Kathy says:

    Oooooh, Terry, that didn’t occur to me! I just thought he had latched on to autism. I think you may be right that he’s mixing it up with Down’s Syndrome.

  3. Good great floating possibly imaginary entity in the sky! He’s stumbling over his own closing statement.

  4. Kathy says:

    Kyle, he didn’t just do it now. He’s been talking about autism all evening, and how Sarah Palin knows so much about it.

  5. Dynamic says:

    Well, what does everyone think?

  6. Thank god that was over, I feel like being lobotomized just for fun.

  7. Kathy says:

    Kyle, did u mean Obama was stumbling?

  8. Hey, that’s my line D!

    Well, what did everybody think?

  9. terry says:

    I thought Obama did well. I was a little worried when McCain started to really attack but I think he pushed it too far.

    And what’s great is that everyone will be showing the Joe the Plumber video which is a real positive for Obama.

  10. An appreciative teacher says:

    McCain did better than I expected, but I really think (or maybe just want to believe) that Obama had more sustained positive.

  11. Kathy says:

    Rachel Maddow just pinpointed McCain’s dismissive comment about the life of the mother as a big blunder.

  12. No, McCain was stumbling.

  13. An appreciative teacher says:

    Hearing the CNN pundits mention the reaction shots, I do have to agree that was horrible for McCain.

  14. You know what Kathy, i think you picked the moment of the night again. Both Josh Marshall and Oliver Willis are really hammering hard that McCain mocked the “health of the mother”. That’s going to really hurt him among women.

  15. terry says:

    I have to agree, seeing McCain roll his eyes and keep shifting in his seat was bad for him.

  16. Dynamic says:

    Hey, what’s this Trackback stuff? Is that what I do when I want to quote this site over at my blog? I’m not at all sure how to work it, it just seems to bring the same page up when I click on trackback.

    Definitely a n00b. 😆

  17. I agree, Teach. The split screen did McCain no favors as he often just looked testy, or overly mean. I’m still waiting to get my snap polling here. Where are my snap polls!

  18. Actually, D, you screwed up when you went to Blogger. I don’t know how to work Blogger’s trackback system.


  20. An appreciative teacher says:

    Obama wins, by a teabag!

  21. Kathy says:

    I’m talking to my daughter on the phone so if I don’t say a lot here….

  22. Well, while I wait for my coveted snap polls, I’ll say this, I think Obama started off shaky, and McCain started off on the attack. But as D I think rightly pointed out, Obama was rope-a-doping McCain in classic fashion. The Ayers exchange was unremarkable other than, after Obama explained himself and the situation, McCain kept pushing, and that might get him called for reaching.

    After the first half hour was over, though, I think Obama took over. He was smooth, confident, knowledgeable, and presidential. McCain, by contrast, just kept getting more and more petulant, and the split screen really didn’t help him one little bit.

  23. i would say obama wins by a braining, personally.

  24. Kathy says:

    My daughter is saying it bothered her that Obama didn’t say anything about contraception in that exchange about abortion. Didn’t he refer to it indirectly? Or am I remembering wrong?

  25. Nice big wrinkly mushroom imprint right there on McCain’s liver spotted forehead.

  26. Dynamic says:

    Crap. I didn’t have a choice, I got the blogger account as part of a rave blog that was already going and then tacked on my political one (since I already had the account I figured why not).

    Alright, I’ll figure it out.

  27. It was an indirect reference when he said reducing unwanted pregnancies, particularly through education, Kathy.

  28. Just go to wordpress, you don’t have to spend any money. WordPress is much better, trust me on this. Much better bro.

    Okay, any of you folks watching the TeeVees…




  30. terry says:

    CNN’s panel felt that Obama won.

  31. Dynamic says:

    As for my analysis, I think Kyle’s got the right of it – Obama came off competent and presidential after the first half hour, which he spent pulling a statistics rope-a-dope and dousing McCain’s initial fire. Headlines tomorrow will be interesting to see – I honestly can’t predict what they’ll choose to focus on.

  32. Aren’t you all so glad you don’t have to read me screaming over snap polls after tonight?

    Nope, just one more liveblog, and then I’ll be screaming about exit polls… I’m so awesome I give myself wood.

  33. Jazz says:

    i dont have tv/cable…cant afford it

  34. Awesome, okay, Terry’s saying CNN’s panel is giving it to Obama. That’s a good start. Who was talking about Ohio’s focus grouping?

  35. ooh… okay, that sucks J. I don’t have cable but…


  36. Kathy says:

    Kyle, you’re making my daughter laugh. I’m reading these comments to her over the phone.

  37. Okay, I’m at taylor marsh where I managed to get the snap polls the fastest. By her commenters.

    Anyone remember the days where I wanted to wage all out war on Taylor Marsh? Now she’s one of the good guys…. It’s kind of awesome in a weird way.

  38. An appreciative teacher says:

    Soledad O’brien’s focus group: All but one (who abstained from voting) and one (who voted for McCain) thought that Obama won.

    ETA: At least that is what I saw out of the corner of my eye…. bedtime for the kiddos (four of ’em) gets crazy.

  39. terry says:

    CNN’s panel was from Ohio.

    ya know where Joe the plumber is from 🙂

  40. Okay…

    no flash polls, but apparently the undecideds in the CNN focus group went unanimously for Obama. Good sign number two.

  41. heh, guess I was a little late.

    kathy, you’re daughter’s in trouble. See, I have this aura of awesomeness, and it’s infectious. You’re caught with it now, but since you’re on the phone with her, she’s catching it too.

    That’s right, aura of awesomeness.



  42. terry says:

    CNN’s still talking to Hillary Clinton.

  43. Oooh, how’s she doing?

  44. Wait… I’m hearing that someone actually has Joe the Plumber on… MUST FIND!

  45. An appreciative teacher says:

    Obama 58%
    McCain 31%

    CNN poll

  46. Doh, and CNN is back to the green screen.

  47. An appreciative teacher says:

    McCain had a drop in his favorable (going into the debate) percentages, and an increase in his unfavorable percentages.


    Damn, that’s nearly two to one!!!!!

  49. Teach, I love you. If I weren’t married, and still crushing on Nicole Lapin on top of that, I would ask you to marry me!

  50. terry says:

    wow….That’s great.

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