Manslaughter McCain?

Could John McCain be in for a Ted Kennedy-esque October surprise?

Senator Kennedy has been oft maligned by the right with a fatal car accident in his past sitting as one of the crown jewels in their arsenal.  I couldn’t count on both my hands and my toes I’ve heard Kennedy referred to as a “murderer.”

But in the closing days of this presidential election, there are whispers that the Republican candidate may have himself been involved in a fatal car accident, one that occurred back in the sixties whilst he was still in the Navy.

The story gets even juicier as the records that would once and for all prove or disprove this rumor are currently under the Navy’s cognizance, and being sued for by magazine reporters under the Freedom of Information Act.

On its own, a car accident, one with fatalities or not, is I don’t think a politically fatal story.  People get in car accidents, sometimes people die (not to put too callus of a point on it).  What makes this story potentially explosive is the cover up aspect of it and the questions that would ensue.  What caused the accident?  Why haven’t we heard about it until now?  And why have the records been kept secret by a governmental entity?

In all likelihood, we won’t get confirmation on this story before November 4th, but those pursuing the story are making a pressing argument that attempts to stall or push back so that the records are not released until after election day runs in direct contradiction to the intent of the FOIA.

If that argument should prevail, I still don’t think that it would move voters away from McCain, but it would mean the loss of yet another news cycle or two at a time where every hour of positive media is an absolute must if McCain wants to win this election.

One Response to “Manslaughter McCain?”

  1. Craig says:

    For all the huge polling leads that are continuously posted here, I’m wondering why anyone would feel a need to promote this?

    Does this get filed under “yeah, but their side throws bigger handfuls of slime than us”, or under “our vision of campaign-style Hope and Change”?

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