“Maverick” Abuse

My God … how many times did Palin say “Maverick” in the debate tonight?  The McCain campaign has so overused this term, it’s played out.

I think Joe Biden scored serious points in taking on this phony branding head on with his “No Maverick” litany.  Jeralynn has already posted the video.

I also think the Country remembers how it got burnt by this branding technique once before.  Think Bush and “Compassionate Conservative.”

Another great moment for Biden was when he took one of Palin’s supposed strengths – experience in child rearing – and made it his own.  His answer about being a single father to his sons after the tragic accident that took his wife and daughter was emotional, touching and just human.  Palin’s response was leaden.

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  1. Voter says:

    I’m a geek. I copied the Congressional Quarterly transcript of the debate from the NYT website into a MS Word doc and did a word search. Palin referred to herself and/or McCain as “Mavericks” 6 times throughout the debate. Biden used the word 9 times in when he finally called her out on it in one of his responses towards the end.

    Palin would have been in college when the movie Top Gun was a popular blockbuster. Does she not remember?

    Maverick (played by another religious zealot, Tom Cruise) was the reckless, dangerous one who took unnecessary chances all the time and dragged poor Goose along for the ride. Maverick piloted them into a flat spin over the ocean, Goose pushed the eject button, hit his head on the canopy of the fighter jet and died. Of course, Maverick came out of the crash fine, almost choked when tested again in battle, but then came out a “hero.” I’m sure that Maverick’s heroism was little consolation to poor dead Goose’s wife and son. I hope that America does allow itself to be Goose to their Mavericks.

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