Maybe He Should Have Been McCain’s Running Mate

From Sully:

Joe the Plumber has now had more press conferences than Sarah Palin.

Funny as this is, this brings up an important question.  Polling data continues to indicate that Sarah Palin is a drag on the ticket.  Few seem to like her outside of the Republican base.  With the debates out of the way, what does McCain do with Sarah Palin?

Chances are, I think McCain’s going to keep the lid on Palin as much as possible for the next eighteen days.  She’ll get trotted out to get the base stirred up at rallies, but don’t count on interviews, or press conferences of any kinds, let alone the kinds where those mean and nasty journalists actually get to ask questions.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if McCain tries to get everyone except the base to forget who his running mate is.

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