McCain and Obama on Infidelity

Steve Benen has a fascinating post up about the two candidates’ very different responses to a question from Katie Couric on marital infidelity:

CBS News’ Katie Couric continues to air a pretty interesting series in which she asks the exact same question to both John McCain and Barack Obama. Last night, viewers saw Couric ask both candidate why they think so many prominent political figures risk so much by committing adultery.

McCain really didn’t want to talk about this.

Obviously, we know why he didn’t want to talk about it:

… McCain is, after all, the first admitted adulterer in American history to win a major-party nomination.

What’s more, the LA Times had an item in July that revealed previously unreported details about McCain’s messy personal life. McCain turned his back on his wife after she was seriously injured in a car accident, committed adultery, and left the mother of his children when he found a younger, wealthier woman. Worse, McCain fudged the details his own memoir, explaining that he was separated from his first wife before he began dating his second wife. He wasn’t. He also insisted he’d been divorced for months before remarrying. That wasn’t true, either — the article explained, “McCain obtained an Arizona marriage license on March 6, 1980, while still legally married to his first wife.” Just five weeks separated his divorce from his second marriage.

So why, in an election campaign where we are told by Republicans that “character” is so all-important, have social conservatives — not to mention mass media outlets — been so very quiet about McCain’s character?

2 Responses to “McCain and Obama on Infidelity”

  1. Chief says:

    Divorce may – or may not – be a bad thing. Martial infidelity? Inexcusable is the word that comes to mind.

  2. GPS says:

    Why is this important to Katie Couric or for that matter the news media and the American people. Of far more importance is the fact that the media has never fully vetted Barrack Obama in fact they don’t even use his middle name….he continues to get a free pass while Sarah Palin and her family have been discredited and John McCain is asking questions about ACORN a publically funded program that won’t admit it’s mistakes with regard to its practices which Sen. Obama defended as a trial lawyer. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy never fully explained the foggy night at the cape when his date drowned while he was drunk and showed up hours later to the authorities to report it. It is a mystery why U.S. Rep. Barney Frank’s former lover who ran an all-male call service from Congressman Frank’s home wasn’t mentioned while he ran for re-election in Massachusetts or for that matter along with Sen. Chris Dodd controlled the two most powerful positions in Washington that are intended to monitor and regulate our the U.S. Banking system Look everyone has some dark secrets that belong to them, enough with this non-sense.

    Sen.John McCain’s private life, and equally, Sen. Barrack Obama’s life should remain private and closed to the right-wing and liberal based media, shame on the networks. We’ve bigger issues to be concerned about like where are U.S. taxpayer dollars going in the future, when will we stabilize the Middle East, regain our respect in the world, better educate our children and serve the health needs of ordinary citizens, our veterans and elderly, and provide better jobs for the “Joe the plumber’s” of this country while not spreading the wealth but encouraging “it” again you know “the stuff ” along with innovation and hard work built this great country.


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