McCain, RNC Attempt to Play Both Sides of Bailout Bill

Before the Bailout Bill actually failed to pass in the House of Representatives, the Republican National Committee telegraphed its intentions, airing a vicious anti-Obama ad laying all the blame of the bills passage at his feet.  McCain suspended his campaign in order to help the passage of the bill, mind-bogglingly while it was up for a vote in the House of Representatives, but even as it failed some wondered if perhaps the whole plan of the GOP was to ditch the bill on the Democrats and then campaign against them on it.

Two days later, the Senate would get its crack at the now redubbed “Rescue” bill, and it would win by an overwhelming majority, gaining the support of Senators Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and yes, John McCain.

Curiously enough, I’m not sure if McCain even realizes that he himself voted for it.  Only such a lapse in memory would justify the following:

John McCain was on “Morning Joe” a few minutes ago to talk mostly about the bailout bill. His answers were, as usual, discombobulated as he ranted about Washington (as if he hasn’t served in D.C. for 26 years.) When pressed as to why he voted for the bailout package given all his ranting and complaining, McCain responded “This bill is putting us on the brink of economic disaster.” Does McCain know that he voted for the bailout bill?

(emphasis added by me)

The obvious question to ask is, if McCain really thinks this bill puts us on the brink, why on earth would he ever vote for such a thing?  He would almost certainly have to be completely confused.

On the other hand, given the uncommonly high levels of dishonesty, hypocrisy, and cognitive dissonance already on display from the McCain campaign, I wouldn’t put it beyond him to be fully and completely aware of what he is doing.  He voted for the bill, he’s more than willing to remind people that he “suspended” his campaign for the bill, but it’s almost as if he also wants the political advantage of attacking his opponent for also voting for the bill.

As a post script to this story, last night that very Wall Street ad was on in my living room.  Not on my laptop as a part of my normal blogging routine, but on my television as my wife was watching some show or another (I wasn’t paying attention to what she was watching).

Out of the blue, there it was, the attack ad hitting Obama for voting for the rescue plan, mere hours after John McCain also voted for it.

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