Michele Bachmann: Chris Matthews Made Me Say It


Michele Bachmann accepts responsibility with one hand and rejects it with the other (emphasis in original):

Speaking with the St. Cloud Times on Tuesday, Bachmann said she regretted suggesting that Barack Obama held “anti-American” views. Referencing Chris Matthews by name 12 times in a 6 minute interview, Bachmann portrayed herself as the victim of a clever ploy devised by the MSNBC host:

Chris Matthews laid a trap, and I walked into it. […]

Chris Matthews was using the term over and over, and I should not have used it. […]

This was Chris Matthews. I made a big mistake by going on the show. I never should have. […]

I just didn’t recognize — I never watched the Chris Matthews show before. I should have before I went on. I didn’t recognize that he would lay a trap the way that he did.

Bachmann concluded the interview by circling back to where she began: “I didn’t bring the word choice up. That was Chris Matthews who brought the word choice up. Unfortunately, like I said, I walked into a trap.”

Disingenuous doesn’t even begin to describe this pathetic excuse.

UPDATE: The National Republican Congressional Committee is cutting Bachmann loose. And Bachmann’s response to the storm of criticism is to go on right-wing radio shows and say that Obama’s views are “against America” and “against traditional American ideals and values”– essentially calling Obama anti-American just hours after she insisted to Chris Matthews that she had been “misread.”

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