More Good News… Er… Bad News For McCain

Of all the things I’ve been keeping an eye on, one of them has been the mainstream media’s electoral map projections.  Independent electoral maps have been much more aggressive in polling trends which have thus far shown an electoral map that is beneficial to Obama.  Pollster just barely puts Obama over three-hundred electoral votes, while Fivethirtyeight has been showing Obama in the 350 range.

By contrast, CNN has had Obama at about 286 for a week or so now.  One of the more conservative electoral maps, and therefore more beneficial to John McCain, has been MSNBC’s which has been up until today putting Obama at 264.

Now MSNBC is showing Obama at 286, the first time Obama has broken 270 according to their electoral map break down.  Even more interesting is that Obama could potentially have the electoral votes locked that would allow him to still win the election even if he manages to lose Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida.

They properly warn that this is the state of the race with eight days left, but it’s also equally important to note that with only eight days left it would appear that Obama has what he needs to win, and there has yet to be a tightening of the race that is shown collectively across all of the polling trends.

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