More Robocallers Stage A Walkout

Last week we were treated to the story of two phone bank callers who were tasked with calling registered voters and reading an anti-Obama script for the McCain campaign.  When they discovered the nasty tone of the script, however, these two workers walked out, losing their jobs in the process.

It would appear that that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Greg Sargent reports that now there has been a rather large walkout of about forty paid employees at one McCain call center as a result of the negative tone of the script.  That’s a pretty impressive number.

What’s perhaps even more significant is the message it sends out.  Think about it for a second, we’re getting lots of reports of people who are so disgusted with McCain’s final argument in this election that they are not even willing to accept pay to help him peddle it.  That in and of itself is a profound statement.

But of course, that’s part of the narrative of this election.  Obama has thus far managed to successfully occupy the high road while his opponent is reaping all the worst benefits from negative campaigning, and very few if any of the positive benefits.

As a sort of aside, I feel it worth mentioning that I keep waiting for the smears to take hold.  Call it cynicism, call it Democratic pessimism.  With each new day I keep expecting to see the polls reflect not just a tightening of the race, but a tightening that is directly attributable to McCain’s smear attempts.  But while I continue to wait for the other shoe to drop, it never actually seems to.

I still hold on to that ingrained pessimism, but keep this in mind.  Just as McCain is running out of time generally, he’s also running out of time for the mud-slinging to work.  In order for the smears to really take hold and change the course of this race, it will take some time.

How much time?  That is unclear, but one thing we do know is that historically we see undecideds make a break for one candidate or another in the final three days.  Thus, I would say that November 1st is the last day that McCain can count on for his smears to really take root.  At the earliest I would say that if we don’t see polls start to shift dramatically come November 2nd, this really will be an election where the mud-slinger ends up with more mud on himself than his opponent.

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  1. says:

    Heroes sometimes come in unexpected places. The Americall telemarketers are my heroes. Money is fleeting, but self-respect is prceless.
    “Let justice roll down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”


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