No Post-Abortion Guilt Here

I’ve had two abortions, and I feel no guilt whatsoever. I am told by Kevin Burke, however, that I am “repressing powerful feelings of guilt, grief, and shame,” and that is why I can’t stand Sarah Palin:

Some of the very personal and often uncharitable criticism of vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her family may have a relationship to the collective grief, shame, and guilt from personal involvement in the abortion of an unborn child. Because abortion is usually a deeply repressed sensitive area of complicated grief, when a news story touches on abortion related issues, the common response is often one of the following:


Reactive defensiveness, hyper sensitivity, and angry attacks to compensate for the emotional vulnerability this issue surfaces.

Some will recognize in their troubled souls the need to reach out for healing and the hope of reconciliation and peace.

Yes, and others will recognize bullshit crapola when they see it:

The National Review front page link to this article asks:

“Is there a connection between the criticisms of vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin and repressed post-abortion grief?”

Let me think long and hard about this one:


This has been another edition of ‘Simple Answers To Stupid Questions’ (TM Atrios).

The slightly more complicated answer: given all the obvious reasons to criticize Sarah Palin, why on earth would anyone feel the need to reach for something as exotic and far-fetched as repressed post-abortion grief? It’s like asking: Why do people dislike George W. Bush? Could it be an unconscious feeling of empathy with scrubby plants and brush?

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  1. Brenda Kula says:

    A man’s never had the opportunity or necessity to have an abortion. So if he has the genitalia of a man, he needs to keep his damned mouth shut.

  2. Chief says:


    Amen. As far as I’m concerned the only folks that should have a vote on the issue of abortion are those folks that are capable of having a abortion. That does not include me.

  3. PirateRo says:

    Try and understand it a different way. From a fascist point of view, their view of “family values” and religion and all the other things imbedded in the republican party platform is really in code. When you don’t understand the code or you disagree with it a phrase, you out yourself.

    The whole thing about some parts of America being more patriotic than others, that small towns are somehow more patriotic, more “pro-American”, religious, more accepting, more whatever than the big cities is an attempt to wrap in the mantle of respectability this fascist movement. It’s an attempt to divide groups and an attempt to drive others through guilt, fear, intimidation, uncertainty and doubt.

    Abortion rights is just one of a number of wedge issues used in this manner. The important thing not to miss here is that as they use these word games to identify people who disagree, so they identify themselves. What emerges is a difference between nationalism and patriotism. Between those using religious groups to advance a fascist agenda and those who let them do it.

    The movement is based on hatred and control. As such, they wrap themselves in things important in a culture and attempt to use these things as a litmus test by claiming ownership of using them against the very people who hold them dear. And yet, even doing that they out themselves because these symbols are inclusive, not exclusive.

    It won’t last – these groups destroy themselves ultimately but the devastation they leave in their wake is serious. And it’s done by convincing people that they are doing the “right thing”. It’s not brain-washing – the vast majority of people really think they are doing the right thing.

    I applaud that you are not experiencing any guilt. I support your rights, your choice. I appreciate that you have chosen to exercise control over your own life and that you have chosen to live your life as you choose. And I wish you a bright future free of persecution where you can continue to do so.

  4. PirateRo says:

    Oh. One more thing: I don’t have a vagina and I can’t have an abortion and I, also, can’t stand Sarah Palin, either.

    In my case, I seriously object to extending the Vice Presidency of the US to a person who is clearly unqualified and uneducated to lead. However, this is further compounded by an even more important consideration: She accepted it.

    She’s allowing herself to be used in this way and by a group of people cynical enough to have extended the invitation in the first place. With every speech she gives, she betrays herself with these coded speeches and pressing ahead when it is astoundingly clear she doesn’t have the background to bring any value to the position.

    This is also another important consideration because it raises the next logical question. If she is not able to lead, then who really is in charge?

    Who’s the person pulling the levers and cables behind the curtain?

  5. Ernesto says:

    Please consider posting this video and passing it along, it’s amazing. It’s great at showing the distinction between MaCain and Obama in regards to the abortion issue. Please pass this along to everyone you know. We have to get McCain elected… E

    “Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.”
    Ronald Reagan

  6. Kathy says:

    “Childbearing is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.”
    Kathy Kattenburg

    And it makes just as much sense as your statement did.

  7. PirateRo says:

    Sorry Ernesto, you obviously misspoke – I’m certain you meant that we have to make sure we NOT elect that creature and it’s minion.

  8. Chrissy says:

    Good to know you feel no guilt, because I know I would since I have felt guilt all my life about everything and anything.
    I was suggested to read “Escaping Toxic Guilt” by Susan Carrell. I am learning now about where my guilt really stems from and how to start dealing with it. It is definitely a book that will help me emotionally in all aspects of my life.

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