Not Learning From Other’s Mistakes

There has been one aspect of this election that I have found infinitely entertaining; the impression I get that John McCain simply didn’t do his homework.

Also, this is how I know that Hillary Clinton is 100% in the tank for Obama.

Think about it for a second; if Hillary Clinton really wanted Obama to lose so she could run again in 2012, there would be one thing that she would most definitely do: it would go something like this.

Scene: It’s a small, dark, cramped room.  A single overhead light swings low from the ceiling revealing only a simple table, two chairs, and a door.

The door swings open and John McCain shambles in holding a clipboard-he makes to sit in one of the chairs, but stops and stops the door from swinging closed with his hand.

McCain: Oh, excuse me.

Hillary Clinton steps in and gives McCain a wry smile.

Clinton: It’s okay, John.

McCain: I wanted to thank you for seeing me.

Clinton: Well, I was hoping to be able to challenge you in four years, but if that’s going to happen, we’re going to have to take care of…

McCain: The Obama problem.

Clinton: Yes.

McCain: Sit, sit.

McCain motions towards one of the chairs and they both sit.

Clinton: You really screwed the pooch with Sarah, John.

McCain: I know.

Clinton: No, you don’t know.  You could have picked anyone, and most of my supporters would have been yours for the taking.  But noooo… you had to pick the one person that would piss my supporters off just enough to go over to Obama.

McCain: I wasn’t worried about my supporters…

Clinton: You were worried about your base, and look at you now, John, it’s two weeks to election day and you’re still running to the right.

McCain: Listen, I didn’t drag you here to tell me…

Clinton: You brought me here so I could tell you what you’re doing wrong…

McCain: Okay.

Clinton: So I’m going to tell you.

McCain: Okay.

Clinton: What you’re doing wrong…

McCain: Yeah?

Clinton: Everything!

What I’m getting at here is that it seems apparent that John McCain just didn’t seem to learn a single thing from Clinton’s primary battle with Obama, and what we have seen recently is the McCain campaign repeating some of the mistakes that Clinton did, mistakes he should have already known weren’t going to work.

The first and most obvious was going negative.  If McCain had paid attention, he would have learned that going negative against Obama is a difficult thing to do, and ends up hurting you more than him.

But there is something that the McCain campaign has been doing an awful lot of lately that reminds me uncannily of something the Clinton campaign did and also didn’t work.

If you’ll remember, especially after it was apparent that the Democratic primary was going to end up being a delegate race, the Clinton campaign employed a strategy of suggesting that certain states just didn’t count.  Which states changed depending on the driving narrative.  Sometimes it was the small states, sometimes it was the caucus states, whatever.

Now, I’m really not trying to open up old wounds that have for the most part closed, I’m just bringing this up as a matter of studying how politics worked.  The Clinton campaign adopted a strategy of minimizing the significance of certain states, sometimes after the fact, and sometimes before the state actually held its primary.  And that strategy failed miserably.

Now, over the course of the past few days, we’ve seen similar sentiments coming from the McCain campaign.  We’ve seen members of the McCain campaign not only claim that some states were more pro-American than others, but also that certain parts of states were more pro-American.  We’ve seen them attempt to suggest there were parts of states that were the real state, leaving the implication out there in the air that the rest of the state was somehow a fake doppelganger version of the real state.

Marc Ambinder points out that McCain himself has now engaged in this kind of rhetoric, suggesting that Western Pennsylvania is the “most patriotic, most God-loving, most patriotic part of America…”

Now, as a point of general rhetoric, the reason this doesn’t work is because, I know this is going to be hard to believe, people generally don’t like being called unpatriotic, anti-American, or fake.

For instance, I live in “real” Virginia, apparently, so that’s a relief, but I’m an Obama supporter, so that kind of leaves me a little fuzzy on whether or not I’m a “real” American or not.  I guess it all depends on if my state goes for Obama.  Considering that Virginia is currently a strong Obama state with Obama up by about nine points, I guess I’m fucked.

But McCain’s little gaffe here is even more hilarious because he just said that there is no part of America that is as god-loving and patriotic as Western Pennsylvania.  Now I don’t know how many people live in Western Pa, but it can’t be more than a couple of million and in that case, I’m sure there about three hundred million who probably take issue with McCain’s opinion here.

4 Responses to “Not Learning From Other’s Mistakes”

  1. trevor tb says:

    There’s no town that rocks as hard as (looks at note on back of guitar) SPRINGFIELD!

  2. I’m glad you brought that up, Trevor. I wanted to put a very similar sentiment in the post above but I just couldn’t figure out a way to cram it in. Of course, this is partly because my office computer was going exorcist on me at the time I was writing this post and it was taking up to five minutes to jump from one browser to the next. About half way through the little imaginary scene I wrote I was just looking to get the post finished before the computer went into total melt down.

  3. laci says:

    Well Your right about Hellrey clinton She really knows whats going on. Bill banging Monaka in the oval ofice for months while she was in the palor waiting for him to finish. But she knew he still loved her lol what a joke. now If she knows so much about what John McCain needs to be doing why isn’t she running against him instead of Obama, looks as though to me she is a complete looser like all of the Obama supporters, Oh you may vote that looser in office, but then what a crow your going to have to eat, when your going to have to say oh how wrong we were and then have to go through the process of having him impeached, dua you never thought of that, when this novelty wears off and reality finally sinks in and you realiza what a mistake you made then Im going to tell you I told you so stupid.

  4. Faye says:

    I would like to say to Laci, that if you are going to contribute to this discussion, please learn how to spell correctly. Also, you might want to take an english class to learn how to put a proper sentence together.


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