Obama Actually Is More Supportive Of The Troops

Working as closely with military personnel as I do, and being a member of the military for ten years myself, I know the deal.  There’s a cultural tendency towards Republicanism.

As I’ve recounted once or twice in the past, I still remember clear as day the first presidential election that occurred while I was in uniform.  I was young then, about to turn twenty-three, and I remember considering my vote and asking some of the senior sailors in my division whom they thought I should vote for.

One old salt didn’t even hesitate a second before saying, “You vote Republican.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Republicans take care of us, and give us pay raises.”

Now, eight years later, I’ve often wondered how many times that exact same scenario has played out throughout the course of the military.  How many times have senior NCOs turned to their juniors and said, “Vote Republican, they’re the ones that take care of you.”

This year, it would seem that John McCain’s own military history would compound the impact of militaristic Republicanism.  While it’s true that by far more military people give money to Obama than they do McCain, I’ve also personally talked with military folk who have said they were leaning towards McCain because, “he knows what military life is like, and he’ll take care of us.”

The problem is, as has been tracked time and again in the left side of the blogosphere, the record simply doesn’t back that up.  But now it’s been made even a little easier for people to understand.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for America have just released their full congressional report card.  There you can check up on any member of congress to see whether or not their rhetoric for supporting the troops matches their actions including three of the four people on the presidential ballot.

And, as it turns out, it’s no contest.  Senator Barack Obama earned himself a B thanks in part to special credit he received for co-sponsoring the GI Bill which was perhaps the biggest pro-troop measure to hit congress this year outside of any and all attempts to bring the troops home.

Senator John McCain received a D.  That’s not the grade who is even marginally decent at supporting the troops.

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