Obama = Antichrist Superstar (Or, John The Revelator Rolls Over in His Grave)

Ed Pilkington of The Guardian ventures deep into the heart of pro-American country looking for information on biofuels, but instead uncovers the ugly eschatological truth about Barack HOOOSAAYN Obama:

I had hopped on to the GuardianFilms bus as it made its way across the US. We were joining forces to make a film about the ethanol issue, which has earned Obama the criticism of environmentalists because of his support for the controversial corn-based variety of the fuel that has helped to drive up world food prices.

We stopped at an ethanol plant in Craig, Missouri, where we were greeted by the general manager, Roger Hill, and shown around the plant. He said something odd early on in our tour, responding to the news that I was British by commenting on how Muslims had become dominant in my country. I only half heard his remark, and let it go; we were here to talk about ethanol.

Later though, he brought up the subject again, when I suggested to him that as an ethanol manufacturer he must logically back Obama over McCain, who has openly criticised federal subsidies of the fuel. That’s when he invoked Revelations, chapter 13. If you lack instant recall of the contents of Revelations 13, as I have to admit I did, it’s the bit in the Bible where the beast rears his ugly head, or rather many heads, and reveals the mark on his right hand or forehead: 666.

Ok, am I the only one who is disturbed by the fact that someone who feels that an official presentation to a foreign media outlet is the perfect time to drop a 1.5 oz. shot of premillenial dispensationalism into the mix is allowed to run a motherfucking ethanol plant? Watch the video–and try not to think about how insidiously popular those goddamned Left Behind books are. Also see James Ridgeway for more on the looming Obamageddon.

Related: Hitler and Chamberlain, rolled into one? Well, I suppose Billy Kristol’s seemingly oxymoronic (and just-plain-moronic) analogy isn’t that much of a stretch if one already believes that an individual can simultaneously be a Marxist, Muslim and Black Liberation Christian. 8 more days, brethren (followed by, in all likelihood, four more years…gah.)

4 Responses to “Obama = Antichrist Superstar (Or, John The Revelator Rolls Over in His Grave)”

  1. bi -- IJI says:

    But I don’t recall seeing Obama with many heads or a 666 mark.

    — bi, International Journal of Inactivism

  2. Craig says:

    Frankly, only people with a lack of understanding about Revelations would have a knee-jerk response of linking Obama as the Anti-Christ. Few, if any, serious theologists suggest a rise in power out of the United States. More likely Europe or Asia.

  3. sljc says:

    This is how I am sure it is the end time, and how I am sure it’ll be that time written of in the Holy Bible. Foretelling how this end destruction will be worse then any destruction ever before in history of mankind, or ever will be again. It’ll be in agreement with the Mayan Calender, Nostradamus, Prophets, and Apostles. And what will make it most complete, it’ll be in agreement with Genesis at the beginning where it was that by the “subtle deceiver” caused the fall of one man for all mankind, and it became necessary by one man Christ that all men may be saved. Here then this day, we are having of a universal climax, where by the “subtle deceive” (obama; controlled legion) shall seek to supplant goodness and truth by profaning and twisting them into evils and lies. And therein doing, cause Heaven to be closed and hell to be opened, whereby the new Church cannot be received, and mankind once and for all may be destroyed. Jesus Christ knew in Himself that the microcosm by which the Divine was working at its beginning, would come to full fruition in the macrocosm at it’s end! For truly the Word of God is sovereign, all in all, and therefore cannot fail. Here then, I being in Christ am knowing, we are in the days of Noah foretold us of Lord Jesus, even at the pressapus of Armageddon. And as it is written my friends, had these days by our Lord’s mercy not been cut short, there’d be no flesh remaining. It is for this reason, I truly believe, that what the antichrist Muslim must do he must do quickly. This is like unto Judas the betrayer, for the expediency of the New Christian Church, was commanded of Lord Jesus after satan interred into him, what ye do do quickly. So please, in the next few years, become as real as you can. Strengthen one another and reaffirm your state in being Christ like, be ready and watch. The time for do overs is past. Thank you Lord O:-)

  4. Dustin says:

    I seriously hope that you’re just a bot sljc.

    But you know, feel free to “be ready and watch”. I have a feeling you’ll be like every other generation of end-timer since Christianity’s founding. Just do us a favor, don’t try anything hasty and help the process.


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