Obama Continues To Dominate

Gallup’s new Daily Tracker results shows a race that is incredibly stable, and one that is quickly slipping out of John McCain’s hands.

At 50-42 Obama, the GDT is in almost perfect alignment with Pollster’s aggregate trends, giving Senator Obama a nationwide eight point lead over John McCain.  Even more interesting is that at this point, according to Pollster, Obama now has sewn up about 260 electoral votes meaning that between now and November 4th, he only needs ten more evs to seal the deal.  This is pretty much in line with First Read’s assertion that Obama is at 264.

But the most interesting thing is that early voting has already begun, and I’ve heard numbers as high as a third of the electorate will have cast their vote before November 4th.  This means that even if McCain were to somehow find a way to tighten up the race over the course of the next four weeks, he’s losing a considerable portion of the vote which is now taking place when public sentiment is greatly against him.

Far be it from me to ever say that this election is over, but we are now at a point where McCain’s chances of turning this thing around getting significantly worse on a day by day basis.

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