Obama Wins Second Debate

I’ll obviously provide more coverage tomorrow morning, but a quick CBS snap poll has Obama winning the debate by twelve points.

Perhaps even more eyebrow raising is that before the debate, 60% of voters felt that Obama empathized with their problems.  In the snap poll after the debate, that number rose to 80%.  by contrast, McCain didn’t even manage to pull the same attribute up to 50%.

Also, there’s talk of a “That One” and a handshake that wasn’t already buzzing around the net.  If both pick up steam, McCain’s going to have another bad day tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Obama Wins Second Debate”

  1. TerrorFist says:

    Heh… with comments like “that one” (http://www.entertonement.com/clips/32560/2008-Second-Presidential-Debate/Presidential-Race-2008/John-McCain/You-know-who-voted-for-it-that-one), i can see why the spread is so bad. It’s not that he’s not a good debater, he just comes off as so cranky.

  2. radical_Moderate says:

    As I said last night, Obama’s calm is comforting to me, and I guess that I’m not the only one that feels this way. McCain also came off looking very, very old…his age continues to be the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and with the prospect of a President Sarah Palin if McSmear croaks, I think that all but her fanatical admirers would have to swallow hard at that prospect. So I’m not surprized by the polling although neither man said anything that could be considered a “breakthrough.” Of course, the “scripted” nature of the questions didn’t help…I mean for god’s sakes, did that former Military Guy really make up that “what if Iran attacks Israel” question all by himself? Or, as it appeared to me, was that question included so McSmear could do his “stinking corpse” schtick yet again (wink, wink to Florida voters.) With all due respect, how many average Americans give a rat’s ass about Israel when it appears that we are all passengers on a sinking economic ship called the USS America?

  3. You know, you’re both right of course. It really is true, people want a president, they don’t want shenanigans, and it’s getting more and more clear by the day.


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