On McCain, Cowardice, and a Fracas

John Cole is right, John McCain is a coward for not saying the charges his campaign has leveled against Obama to the Democrat’s face. Coward, wuss, lightweight, weakling, old demented freakjob; what have you.  McCain the pants-wetter is all of it.

And if the character of the candidate’s is to be judged, the facts are on our side.  The McCain ticket has direct connections to anti-Semities, neo-Nazis, the Iranian government, and secessionists. All of this is undeniable, despite what McCain’s looney toon, reality-deprived supporters think.

But why mention it?

Let’s face it, John McCain’s an asshole.  Based on projections right now, he’s going to be one of the biggest losers in presidential election history — so he’s throwing a temper tantrum.  This is unsettling, though…  Should McCain lower Obama into this fracas, both candidates will look like immature kindergartners.  This best route for Obama is to reign in Biden and remain on the high ground.  What people care about right now is the economy, and when compared to this petty fucking bullshit, that’s what we all should be paying attention to.

And if this election stays based on the economy, McCain will lose.  He’s the one that chose to put the cock of deregulation in his mouth, the best strategy is to let him gag on it.

Yeah, McCain’s a coward.  We all know this — but I see no reason to make an issue out of it.

2 Responses to “On McCain, Cowardice, and a Fracas”

  1. Dynamic says:

    😆 Sorry, that’s such a fantastic analogy, I had to comment.

  2. tas says:

    Thanks Dynamic. The analogy was the reason I made this post… I was sick as a dog last night and should have been in bed, but after getting home from school and doing some reading, I thought of it and said to myself.. You know, I just can’t sleep on that.


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