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Dan Balz, writing at the Washington Post‘s election campaign blog:

I wrote yesterday about the risks to both McCain and Obama — and the country — as they fire at one another in increasingly sharp terms. The danger is that the winner will come to office with a sizable portion of the population poisoned by the effects of the campaign.

But what’s also clear is that McCain’s tactics are over the line, with no restraint in sight, and threaten to provoke reactions among partisans on both sides that will continue to escalate.
[Mark] McKinnon [Pres. Bush’s media adviser in 2000] was part of McCain’s team earlier this year — and was at the Republican Convention helping out — but he has essentially absented himself from the overall campaign. He said earlier that he admired Obama and did not want to be part of a campaign to tear him down. He must be relieved not to be directly involved with what has happened in the past two weeks — and pained at what he sees.

I was in contact over the past 24 hours with another veteran of recent Republican presidential campaigns and asked, on a not-for-attribution basis, whether he believed McCain’s campaign is taking a big risk with its negative turn. “Yes,” this strategist replied. “Big mistake. If this stuff mattered, then why didn’t they raise it five months ago? Sad.”

And from the comments section at The Trail, this one, by Nataya1, stood out for me:

Obama is not a terrorist and the fact that these accusation continue to be made by a team that wants to lead the country is truly frightening. If this can happen to Obama – it could happen to you. He is being accused of being terrorist because he knows someone who is employed by a well respected university. The fact that we are wasting even one minute talking about this is terrifying. Obama is being convicted for knowing someone who is a member of his community and who has never been convicted of a crime. Are all of Ayers students terrorists?

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  1. An appreciative teacher says:

    Wow, Nataya1 has a new perspective on an old argument. You are right, this is absolutely over the line.

  2. An appreciative teacher says:

    This op/ed piece hits the nail on the head:

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